Canada Must Issue A Total Ban On China-Linked Takeovers Of Canadian Companies

And all foreign investment must be capped to less than a majority, to prevent our nation from losing companies amid this crisis.

The Canadian government has announced ‘tighter scrutiny’ on foreign takeovers amid the CCP Coronavirus Crisis.

The move comes after many European countries took action to prevent their companies from being taken away, particularly by Chinese companies.

We face a growing fear that China-government backed companies will try to take over companies that have been devastated by the crisis, seeking to help the CCP profit from the crisis they themselves caused.

So, it’s good to see the government taking an initial step.

However, they must go much further.

We need a TOTAL BAN on any China company being able to takeover any Canadian company. It simply cannot be allowed. China’s influence over our nation must be weakened and eliminated, not enhanced.

Furthermore, we must limit all foreign investment to less than 50%, ensuring majority Canadian ownership of our companies. We must ensure that – when this crisis is over – our homegrown Canadian companies still exist and are still in Canadian hands.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube