China Screws Canada Over Again, Planes Forced To Leave Without Supplies

Yet again we see why being reliant on China for manufacturing is a massive mistake.

As if spreading the Coronavirus and kidnapping our Citizens wasn’t enough, China has screwed Canada over again.

Two planes meant to take key medical supplies to Canada were forced to take off completely empty.

The debacle was revealed by Justin Trudeau, as the lack of federal preparation and Canadian manufacturing capacity continues to hurt our country:

“Supply lines and truck shipments to the airports are difficult and interrupted by checkpoints and quarantine measures. For the most part, we’ve been able to navigate through those and ensure that Canada has received the equipment that it needs,” the prime minister said during his daily briefing outside his Ottawa residence.

“But these two airplanes were forced to take off empty.”

This is why China is no friend of Canada, and cannot be trusted.

We must have the capacity within our own country to manufacture what we need.

And again, remember that the federal government claimed they were ‘fully prepared’ for Coronavirus. Yet, if that was the case, then we wouldn’t need planes in foreign countries picking up supplies.

By relying on China, and by failing to prepare, the Trudeau government has hurt the Canadian People severely.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Trudeaus lies are killing Canadians. If this is his plan then that would make him genocidal against all Canadians and should be a good enough excuse to remove him from our government and start some investigations on him and his whole party since they are complicit it these actions.

the Commodore

It’s an absolute travesty what Trudope is doing to our country – we need to stop this – I guess we start with our elected representative and inundate his mailbox demanding he or she stand up for the people that put them where they are – regardless of your political persuasion the answer is the same for all – get your butts back in your chair in Ottawa – call a vote of non-confidence – and have an election – he has millions to give to foreign countries so a couple of bucks for an election is chump change to… Read more »


Haha. Sounds like socks has this completely under control.

Joe College

JT is still covering for the CCP. The cargo was checked over and found to be useless and defective. The plane then returned empty.


Trudeau will find endless excuses to protect the Chinese. He’ll serve up a word soup of ums, ahs, and ers, without finding any fault with them whatsoever. This entire situation is sheer manipulation by the Chinese and once again, tax payers are on the hook for another Trudeau screw up. I’m so fed up with listening to his daily drivel. Maybe he could do us all a favour and stay indoors forever.

Gordon Stevenson

Well CBC should change their “Ambassador with China know-how” to “Ambassador with China know-NOT-how”


Tell me something new.