“Justin, We’re Not Here To Talk About Your Socks”: New Book By Former Australian PM Features ‘Flaky’ Trudeau

Malcolm Turnbull also says Trudeau acted in a way that humiliated world leaders at the TPP deal negotiations.

A new book by former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull contains a less than flattering portrayal of Justin Trudeau, calling him “flaky” and overly obsessed with his socks.

As noted in a recent National Post report, “In a just published autobiography, Turnbull said he personally felt let down by Trudeau and upbraided him for embarrassing other world leaders when he failed to show up for a critical meeting.”

Then, he gets to the socks:

“Justin always wore perfectly tailored suits that fitted like a glove, bright socks and on this occasion two-tone shoes,” wrote Turnbull. “‘What do you think of the socks?’ he asked, crossing his legs as he sat down. ‘Justin,’ I said, ‘we’re not here to talk about your socks’.”

The book points out that Trudeau was afraid of ‘offending’ Donald Trump, after Trump pulled the US from the Trans-Pacific-Partnership.

Trudeau failed to appear at a meeting, screwed over the signing of the agreement, and almost scuttled the entire deal.

“Mexico’s former President said he felt Trudeau “lacked the strength to say ‘no’ months ago and now lacked the strength to say ‘yes’,” when it comes to dealing with Trump.

Turnbull slammed Trudeau for humiliating Japanese PM Shinzo Abe:

“What, Justin, is going on? You have just humiliated our friend Shinzo, who happens to be the leader of the third largest national economy in the world,” wrote Turnbull. “And, if that wasn’t enough, you have humiliated our host, Prime Minister Phuc.”

As Turnbull also points out, Trudeau’s approach to Trump was totally wrong:

“The best way to deal with Donald was to be up-front, frank and stand your ground; there was no other way to win his respect.”

Instead, Trudeau was submissive, only being ‘tough’ behind Trump’s back.

This confirms the worst that Canadians have thought about Trudeau: He’s a joke, totally in-over-his head, destroys our relationships with democratic nations (while sucking up to China). Worst of all, he’s weak, flaky, and ‘inspires’ contempt among his peers.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

“A ruler who lacks understanding is a great oppressor.” Prov. 28:16.


We ARE being led by a traitorous, treasonous idiot in Canada. What more to do you need to know ?!


Malcolm Turnbull is absolutely right about Trudeau. He is everything that has been said about him and a LOT more. He is a disgrace to Canada and all the PM’s that came before him except his dad Pierre. I say his dad because I don’t think Pierre is Justins father.

Jim Hutchinson

Our high school student prime minister has been an international embarrasment from day one.


LOL… who could have predicted…


Maybe Mr Trudeau is really directing us to look at his shoes, except they are not red.


I always wondered if he was really up to the task,would he be able to have genuine conversation
and stand up for Canada with other leaders because it seemed all he wanted to do was attain the same
status as Barack Obama.Loved by everyone but not delivering since he lacked substance.


This jerk reflects on all Canadians. A national embarrassment. The pathetic thing is that I don’t think he realizes it. Narcissistic sociopath?

Gee Bee

Couldn’t agree more; good to hear the criticism’s come from his peers cross-culturally and internationally. Not that he would give heed – he is concerned only with “pandering to our enemies and mocking and denigrating our best security partners.” His agenda is the global U.N. Agendas 2021 and 2030. He cultivates ideologies related to and encouraging a post-nationalist, post-conservative, post-Christian world-view – at any cost. Free speech, liberty and critical thinking have no place in his paradigm. Too much love and admiration for the PRC and dictators. Too much narcissism. Too little appreciation for the lessons of world history.


Happy to hear how the other leaders view our little potato. It is so obvious to everyone it turned out.