American Citizens In Nova Scotia Received Warning During Rampage, While Canadians Were Left In The Dark

RCMP faces mounting criticism for failing to alert the public.

There is growing anger as it’s revealed that the RCMP failed to notify the people of Nova Scotia during the many-hour-long rampage that left over 20 people dead in Canada’s worst mass-killings.

People never got a warning (except for Tweet) about the ongoing rampage, leading many to feel safe to be outside of their homes.

Now, it’s been revealed that US Citizens living in Nova Scotia received a warning:

“Amid questions about why an emergency alert wasn’t issued during the hours-long rampage that killed at least 22 in Nova Scotia, the U.S. Consulate in Halifax has confirmed U.S. citizens in the province were sent an additional e-mailed warning.

“The information we used in our emailed alert to U.S. citizens on Sunday was taken from the Nova Scotia RCMP’s Twitter account. It is our protocol – when emergencies occur – to alert U.S. citizens in the area to the situation,” Marcia R. Seitz-Ehler, a spokesperson for the U.S. Consulate General in Halifax, told CTV News on Wednesday.”

Shockingly, the RCMP didn’t send the info in their Tweet to the province more widely, as warnings were not given by email or Facebook or through phone alerts.

This means that, as tough as it is to imagine, US Citizens in Nova Scotia received more warning about the ongoing massacre than Canadian Citizens living in their own province.

This is an immense failure, and combined with ongoing government incompetence and inability to protect the Canadian People, has more and more Canadians wondering what the hell we’re paying taxes for if the government can’t even get the basics right.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Canadians only have themselves to blame for electing this utterly pathetic, utterly useless, virtue signalling little boy as their leader. What a vile disgusting poor excuse for a politician, truly. So many people dead. Whom is to know that had this utterly incompetent utterly useless, shameless self aggrandizing, virtue signalling government issued the alert, it might have even saved just one life, just one even. Canadians, please, please vote this fool, this utterly contemptible fool out of office, and ASAP. Our country depends on it, more than you can ever imagine.


Almost like socks wants to see Canadians killed with open borders, no masks, and mass killings.

The rcmp are here to protect you when they are not shooting up NS fire halls.

And you don’t get a gun to protect yourself.

Just go hide in the dark in the cold forest and wait for the rcmp to help you.

Major Tom

Possibly, the RCMP demand the monopoly on the use of force and don’t want citizens’ defending themselves.


The U.S.A. have the FBI who are the Very Best and Ensure that all their Policing Agencies quickly follow Protocol and when it comes to Protecting their Citizens. In Canada, we have the RCMP, who have lost All Respect when they became Baggage Handlers. They didn’t Object when they were told by Trudope and his Liberal Cronies to become Baggage Handlers and to go “Soft on Crime”. Shame on the Once Prestigious, Well Respected RCMP!


Pardon me, for what is not really sarcasm! Maybe these officers just like in so many other RCMP scandals often, will be promoted? Better yet for them, they can go on to retire while getting a federal pension and start their own consulting firm and make even more money being brought in to consult.

Clive Edwards

Don’t worry = if Alexa or Siri hear you cough, the police will be right over.

Eric Blair

Sounds to me that the Assistant Commissioner, Lee Bergerman, didn’t do her job as she would have been the one to order an alert for the whole of the province of Nova Scotia that she has command over. That would make her the head Dudley Do-Right – in – chief of Nova Scotia. I read up about this cartoon character from the 60’s Saturday morning cartoon fest show called “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” and under the Dudley Do-Right character description it said an inept RCMP officer. Now it seems that this Dudley Do-Right character is fairly representative of the… Read more »

Rolf Eliason

In the past number of months, police have several times sent a shrieking noise to everyone’s cellphone at 1 AM or 3 AM, only to repeat the message twenty minutes later warning of some deadbeat Dad taking off with his kid over a messy divorce. Surely they could do the same to warn people of some whacko randomly shooting people on sight and burning their homes! No matter how you slice it, I would give them a failing grade. It would have saved lives.