American Citizens In Nova Scotia Received Warning During Rampage, While Canadians Were Left In The Dark

RCMP faces mounting criticism for failing to alert the public.

There is growing anger as it’s revealed that the RCMP failed to notify the people of Nova Scotia during the many-hour-long rampage that left over 20 people dead in Canada’s worst mass-killings.

People never got a warning (except for Tweet) about the ongoing rampage, leading many to feel safe to be outside of their homes.

Now, it’s been revealed that US Citizens living in Nova Scotia received a warning:

“Amid questions about why an emergency alert wasn’t issued during the hours-long rampage that killed at least 22 in Nova Scotia, the U.S. Consulate in Halifax has confirmed U.S. citizens in the province were sent an additional e-mailed warning.

“The information we used in our emailed alert to U.S. citizens on Sunday was taken from the Nova Scotia RCMP’s Twitter account. It is our protocol – when emergencies occur – to alert U.S. citizens in the area to the situation,” Marcia R. Seitz-Ehler, a spokesperson for the U.S. Consulate General in Halifax, told CTV News on Wednesday.”

Shockingly, the RCMP didn’t send the info in their Tweet to the province more widely, as warnings were not given by email or Facebook or through phone alerts.

This means that, as tough as it is to imagine, US Citizens in Nova Scotia received more warning about the ongoing massacre than Canadian Citizens living in their own province.

This is an immense failure, and combined with ongoing government incompetence and inability to protect the Canadian People, has more and more Canadians wondering what the hell we’re paying taxes for if the government can’t even get the basics right.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube