Media Revolution: Why It’s Time For The Conservatives To Bypass The Ottawa Press Gallery & Support Independent Media

There is great potential for Canada to have a real, unbiased media, and the Conservatives can help make that happen.

As you’ve been watching the coverage of the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, you’ve noticed how the establishment media (AKA the Ottawa Press Gallery), has often done the bidding of the Trudeau government.

Despite the government’s obvious and repeated failures, including their false claims that ‘the risk was low,’ and ‘Canada was prepared,’ the media has decided to attack the Opposition, rather than the government.

As a result, while the US media has repeatedly gone after the government in that country, the Canadian media has acted more like a propaganda arm of the Trudeau Liberal government, hiding and distracting from the deadly failures.

Amid this bias and deception, there is a great opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada to bring about a revolution in Canadian media.

Currently, the Ottawa Press Gallery has dictatorial power over how things are presented. They control who attends media briefings, acting as gatekeepers and enforcers of the official line.

Meanwhile, there is a rapidly growing Independent Media in Canada, who aren’t beholden by government funding, are willing to share the truth and hold the Trudeau government accountable, and who represent the views of millions of working-class Canadians, rather than the elites.

Yet, the Ottawa Press Gallery keeps those voices silent in the capital.

It’s time for that to end.

Imagine if the Conservatives began inviting Independent Media like True North News, The Post Millennial,, The Rebel, and more to ask questions, either in person at briefings and through video.

They could split questions between Independent Media and the Press Gallery, providing real diversity of thought.

Then, if the Ottawa Press Gallery refused to go along with it, they would be exposed as being against free speech and against free expression, further damaging their credibility. In that case, the Conservatives could simply state that they are open to any organization asking them questions, so long as that organization supports the right of Independent Media to ask questions as well.

This would help bring about a Revolution in the media in this country. It would speed up the growth and expand the audience of the already growing Independent Media, while making it clear that the establishment media will no longer be able to control the narrative and demonize the Conservatives without challenge.

If you agree with this idea, and are tired of seeing the biased establishment media control the message, contact your Conservative MPs and party members and encourage them to start including Independent Media in all their upcoming press conferences.

Spencer Fernando

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The way the lame stream media has been corrupted parroting liberal lies i have already gone to alternate media. The boob tube in my house seldom comes on any more as its all fake and we the people are the news now. It would be nice to have the conservative party to get involved in the truth.


Spencer, Inviting Independent Media like True North, Rebel News, Spencer Fernando and The Post Millennial is one of the Best Ideas Ever. The Independent Media always ask the tough questions that Canadians want to hear truthful answers to. Because these Independent Media Outlet weren’t allowed to attend the campaigning and press conferences during the last election, thanks to the Liberals, and the Conservatives NOT speaking up and inviting the Independent Media, is one Big Reason that we are again stuck with the Lying, Corrupt Liberal Government. Wake up Conservative, we want Media that has NOT been paid out with $600,000,000… Read more »


I was sending this message to the Conservative Party before the last election and still am – Erin O’Toole is the only one I have heard from and agrees with this. If they want to win the next election they have to have honest media and keep announcing how bought off with Canadians tax dollars the lieberals propaganda media all is, just like Pres.Trump had to do, just like Doug Ford had to do.


This is an EXCELLENT idea,Spencer. I will add that the ONLY political party that I’m aware of that actually DOES speak to independent media IS Maxime Bernier and the PPC. You know – the party that SHOULD have won the 2019 election on their pro-Canada, pro-Canadians,ANTI-globalist platform, alone, in my opinion. VERY unfortunately,the party,its members and supporters were ALL painted as being racists and/or xenophobic. NOTHING could be further from the truth, but of course the MSM backed up the lies and propaganda about the PPC, spewing forth from the OTHER parties, and Trudeau won. WHEN will Canadians learn to… Read more »


Your right Fernando , the independents like you need to put you heads together !! this trudeau is such as easy target ,


Great idea. And this is a last chance for Scheer to go out like a lion, instead…


Scheer is incapable of going out like a lion. It’s one of the reasons he lost. Remember, he banned The Rebel from his campaign. The Conservatives need some severe housecleaning at the top and do it damn fast or we will end up as a third world country with a Liberal dictatorship.

Why are the Cons waiting for Trudeau to give them permission to find a new leader?


I was Very Upset when Andrew Scheer banned The Rebel, from his Campaigning Locations, the Independent Media that Millions of Canadians trust and love. Did Andrew Scheer not want the truth to be told and Trudeau exposed for the Corrupt Idiot and Liar that he is by The Rebel?? Andrew Scheer made some very bad decisions on his campaign and during all their Media Briefings and banning The Rebel was definitely one of his Big Mistakes!


I’m starting to believe they’re all on the same team. Hope I’m wrong.


Finally Spencer I didn’t know this.
So many Canadians in the dark because of censorship/media bias. I was thinking of a Non biased TV station but Millions to support.

Gary major

Would love to see more of real news not liberal centric pap!

Malcolm Dutchak

agree we need more independent news soyand what we have need to have proper accessibility to same stuff as MSM

Douglas Robilliard

Thank you Spencer great reporting, open and honest, as well the Media outlets you posted are all good honest reporters, as well Frank Vaughan, Dave with two angry dudes, and Adam Mezie have great views and are very much true to honesty to Canadian and the World that watches there shows, oh one more the Amazing Polly.

Eric Blair

I remember Harper doing something like this… only having small local newspapers ask him questions. Terry Milewski of the CBC was driven wild by Harper doing this.

Dave Arnew

I think this is an excellent idea has anybody talked to any of conservative party I would be very interested in there response on this

Bill Boskwick

This article is an eye-opener; I have to agree with it completely and indeed, will raise the matter with my MP, Candice Bergen.