Media Revolution: Why It’s Time For The Conservatives To Bypass The Ottawa Press Gallery & Support Independent Media

There is great potential for Canada to have a real, unbiased media, and the Conservatives can help make that happen.

As you’ve been watching the coverage of the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, you’ve noticed how the establishment media (AKA the Ottawa Press Gallery), has often done the bidding of the Trudeau government.

Despite the government’s obvious and repeated failures, including their false claims that ‘the risk was low,’ and ‘Canada was prepared,’ the media has decided to attack the Opposition, rather than the government.

As a result, while the US media has repeatedly gone after the government in that country, the Canadian media has acted more like a propaganda arm of the Trudeau Liberal government, hiding and distracting from the deadly failures.

Amid this bias and deception, there is a great opportunity for the Conservative Party of Canada to bring about a revolution in Canadian media.

Currently, the Ottawa Press Gallery has dictatorial power over how things are presented. They control who attends media briefings, acting as gatekeepers and enforcers of the official line.

Meanwhile, there is a rapidly growing Independent Media in Canada, who aren’t beholden by government funding, are willing to share the truth and hold the Trudeau government accountable, and who represent the views of millions of working-class Canadians, rather than the elites.

Yet, the Ottawa Press Gallery keeps those voices silent in the capital.

It’s time for that to end.

Imagine if the Conservatives began inviting Independent Media like True North News, The Post Millennial,, The Rebel, and more to ask questions, either in person at briefings and through video.

They could split questions between Independent Media and the Press Gallery, providing real diversity of thought.

Then, if the Ottawa Press Gallery refused to go along with it, they would be exposed as being against free speech and against free expression, further damaging their credibility. In that case, the Conservatives could simply state that they are open to any organization asking them questions, so long as that organization supports the right of Independent Media to ask questions as well.

This would help bring about a Revolution in the media in this country. It would speed up the growth and expand the audience of the already growing Independent Media, while making it clear that the establishment media will no longer be able to control the narrative and demonize the Conservatives without challenge.

If you agree with this idea, and are tired of seeing the biased establishment media control the message, contact your Conservative MPs and party members and encourage them to start including Independent Media in all their upcoming press conferences.

Spencer Fernando