China Sold Canada 1 MILLION Defective Masks

How long will our country continue to be vulnerable and played for fools by the Chinese Communist Party?

As Canada continues to be reliant on the Chinese Communist Party for key medical supplies – despite our government having told us they were ‘prepared’ – more and more of the equipment we are paying for is turning out to be absolute garbage.

According to a recent report, a whopping 1 MILLION masks purchased from China are defective, not meeting standards for use by medical professionals.

As a result, the masks can’t be given out to doctors and nurses, meaning Canada paid for 1 million worthless masks.

Once again, it must be repeated that – as you saw over and over – the Trudeau government said the “risk was low,” and said they “were prepared.”

But if they were prepared, they wouldn’t need to be reliant on China.

And if they were prepared, then we would have at the very least built up our own domestic manufacturing capacity.

Instead, the borders were left open, sick people streamed into the country and spread the virus, and preparation simply didn’t happen.

In fact, as I wrote about earlier, the Liberal government slashed Canada’s emergency stockpile, cutting both the overall funding, and the number of cities where stockpiles were located.

Reliance on foreign countries, particularly reliance on China, is a deadly risk for Canada, and must end. We must become self-sufficient, and stop being screwed over by the Communist State.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Liba Cunnings

The exact same thing happened to several countries in Europe already and it was publicly known. Why don’t we learn from the mistakes of others??? Investigate!
Pretty good business anyways. First, create the virus. Second, lie about it. Third, get the world feel sorry for you and let them donate supplies to you. Forth, infect the world. Fifth, sell them faulty face masks and respirators and finally, pretend you care.


Now there is a basic dictatorship we can admire.

Clive Edwards

We must stop being screwed over by everyone, including our “Five Eyes” and NATO “Partners”.


Quebec government is investing 4 million in a Montreal business which will start producing masks this summer. 33 new jobs created. We have to buy Canadian-made and bring back our industry. This is a great start for our country!