Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor Have Been Unjustly Imprisoned By The Chinese Communist Party For 500 Days

And strangely enough, Trudeau’s weak bow-down to China approach hasn’t secured their release.

Even before the CCP Coronavirus Crisis that started in China and spread because of CCP lies, Canadians knew the danger of the CCP Regime.

Canadians Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor have now been detained for 500 days by the Communist State.

The detentions were an obvious retaliation for Canada fulfilling a US request for the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who is believed to have helped the Chinese company avoid sanctions on Iran.

Of course, the circumstances of Meng’s detention and the detention of Kovrig & Spavor couldn’t be more different.

Meng is hanging out at her giant Vancouver mansions with full access to legal counsel and legal protection under Canada’s laws.

Meanwhile, Kovrig & Spavor are kept in terrible conditions, denied access to lawyers, denied the ability to speak out, denied basic human rights, and denied any sense of justice.

The Chinese Communist Party simply doesn’t respect human life, as we can see in the fact that over 1 million Uigher Muslims are in concentration camps as we speak.

The treatment of Kovrig and Spavor by China also shows that all of Trudeau’s pathetic weakness and pathetic sucking up to China was an absolute failure, as China feels totally emboldened to mistreat our citizens without any fear of response.

All Canadians need to continue to keep Kovrig & Spavor in our hearts and our minds, and never give up in the effort to have them freed.

And we must all realize that China cannot be trusted, China is not our friend, and our nation must decouple and distance ourselves from the CCP Now!

Spencer Fernando


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