Saving Canada’s Oil Industry Is Essential To Our National Security

How stupid would it be to give up on an industry that gives us the ability to be energy self-sufficient and exercise influence abroad?

With Canada’s oil industry facing what is probably the most severe threat in history, we must realize that saving the sector is part of Canada’s National Security.

The Canadian oil industry has been under siege from many angles, with foreign money trying to turn Canadians against it, federal regulations that make new projects almost impossible, the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, and the Saudi-Russia oil war.

Of course, we’ve seen other Canadian industries struggle, including the auto sector. In those past cases, the government provided the necessary support to keep those sectors running, realizing that importance of having auto manufacturing as a component of economic and national security.

That should apply equally to the energy sector.

Yet, the Trudeau Liberals seem to be using this crisis as an opportunity to let the sector die, providing only token support, and refusing to restrict foreign oil imports. Imposing big tariffs on foreign oil would be a huge help to Canada’s energy sector, and government could use their authority to easily approve nationwide pipeline projects – with government funding – as in the national interest.

We could also rapidly fund and build refineries, making it easy to get oil from the West across the country and refined and distributed in key areas of the country.

This would be the right move, because it would acknowledge that our national security depends on having a strong energy sector. The sector creates many jobs, and most importantly to the nation it provides us with the security of knowing that we are energy independent, meaning we aren’t reliant on foreign countries to keep our economy going.

Letting the sector die would be a betrayal of Canada’s national interest, and would weaken our nation while strengthening regime’s like Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and more at our expense.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube