Why Is The Federal Government Releasing Criminals From Prison While Seniors Are Dying Locked Away In ‘Care Homes’?

Seniors are dying in massive numbers in Canada while locked into ‘care homes,’ while the federal government releases prisoners from jails for their ‘protection.’

As the CCP Coronavirus Crisis continues, many Canadians are starting to ask a very disturbing question:

Why are our innocent seniors locked away in personal care homes where the virus is spreading out of control, while prisoners – including dangerous and violent offenders – are released from jail for their own safety?

Think about that sentence above for a moment…

It’s truly upside down what’s happening.

‘Care homes’ are being absolutely ravaged by the Coronavirus, with people losing their parents and grandparents at a horrendous rate.

Meanwhile, people who have committed violent crimes, including assaults, shootings, robberies, and more, are being let out of jail, supposedly for their own ‘protection’ as the virus spreads in prisons.

Of course, keeping our seniors protected is essential. With that in mind, if that logic holds for care homes, then it makes even less sense to let dangerous criminals out of jail. If seniors are safer in care homes, then criminals are safer in prisons, and Canadians are safer keeping prisoners locked up.

Yet, letting the criminals out increases the risk to the rest of Canadians, and ends up with the disgusting situation in which violent and dangerous criminals are being treated better than our own seniors.

Canadians have a right to demand that more resources be put towards protecting our seniors, while also demanding that dangerous criminals remain locked up.

The law-abiding Canadian People cannot be put at risk just to help some dangerous offenders, and criminals must never be treated better than our innocent senior Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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