WATCH: In 2010 Video, Theresa Tam Mused About ‘Putting Bracelets On Arms’ To Track People During Pandemic

Strangely, she also said it was better to be ‘over-prepared’, the exact opposite of what the federal government did.

A recent video of Theresa Tam is making the rounds, and raising eyebrows for two reasons.

It’s from a 2010 documentary on a hypothetical pandemic, and a hypothetical response.

The first part is the disturbing discussion of ‘putting bracelets on arms’ to track people and enforce non-compliance with mandatory quarantines. Tam goes into detail on the draconian measures that could be used within a country, a marked contrast from her refusal (and the refusal of Trudeau & Hajdu) to impose even the most minor restrictions on non-Citizens entering the country.

Secondly, Tam talks about the importance of ‘over-preparing,’ saying it would be better to get criticized for over-reacting than under-reacting.

That makes Tam’s response to the virus crisis even more strange.

Because, rather than over-reacting, she repeatedly parroted the messaging of the WHO, an organization which was in turn parroting the messaging of China.

Rather than ‘over-preparing,’ Tam, Hajdu, and the WHO all downplayed the virus, advocated against travel bans, downplayed the idea of person-to-person transmission (at a time when it was spreading person-to-person like wildfire), and said ‘stigma’ and ‘racism’ was the biggest threat.

This fits with the broken response we have seen from the Trudeau government. They were far too weak on foreign nationals, letting people from China stream into the country, while seeming almost eager to impose huge restrictions on the lives of our Canadian Citizens here at home, restrictions which were necessary because of those very same failures to shut the borders and screen at the airport.

“We have ‘leaders’ who were reluctant to impose travel restrictions on foreign nationals as a virus spreads, while seeming almost-eager to impose immense restrictions on their own fellow Citizens. Very disturbing. How does such a messed up mentality take hold?”

You can watch the video below:

Spencer Fernando

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