Liberals Preparing To Bypass Parliament In Attack On Law-Abiding Gun Owners, Ignoring Real Source Of Crime

Exploiting a tragedy to demonize law-abiding Canadians.

The Nova Scotia killer who perpetrated the worst mass shooting in history did NOT have a firearms license.

As a result, he was a criminal.

Once again, we see that the source of gun crime in Canada is never law-abiding Canadian gun owners. In fact, Canadian gun owners are among the least criminally-inclined of all Canadians, as they are hard-working Patriotic Citizens prepared to defend their families and communities while following the laws of the land.

Meanwhile, the true source of gun crime in Canada is gangs and insane criminals who are already violating the laws.

And yet, rather than focus on the true source of crime by cracking down on gangs and toughening up the border to prevent illegal gun shipments, the Liberals are instead exploiting the Nova Scotia tragedy to demonize law-abiding Canadian gun owners, take rights away from our law-abiding Citizens, and distract from real threats.

According to reports, the Liberals – as soon as this week – may be imposing an Order in Council to ban up to 11 different legal firearms, effectively criminalizing people who are following the law.

The measure will also reportedly include a ‘buyback program,’ which could end up costing billions, and take firearms out of the hands of law-abiding Canadians while leaving them in the hands of criminals.

Further, the move is dangerously anti-democratic, as it the Order in Council will bypass Parliament, meaning there will be no vote or discussion, and the minority government will in effect impose dictatorial power to push a measure without approval.

This will make Canada a more dangerous place, as the criminals must be laughing at the government for once again leaving them alone while targeting good law-abiding Citizens.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Trudeau and Blair are terrified that Canadians will defend themselves against Liberal government tyranny. They are right!

Major Tom

“Fear the government that fears your gun!” Civilian disarmament! A United Nations priority.
The statue of a revolver with it’s barrel in a knot…in front of UN Headquarters in New York is your proof!


Its really Sad that here we Have a PM who shouldnt be in the job at all he is ia a damn school teacher and only got the job because of his loser dad who was also an enbarrassment to Canada and Bill Blair who doesn’t know an assault rifle from a pellet gun, To me Blair is just a senile old fart who shouldn’t even be in the job. Both of those fools are an embarrassment to all Canadians


This Liberal government is getting more and more dangerous and rights crushing as the weeks, months and years go by…. . A minority government – NO LESS – passing laws to take guns from law abiding, licensed citizens. This IS what Hitler did, people, in the 1930s, and every eventual deranged dictator before AND after him.China being a good example of THAT…..
An unarmed public IS at the mercy of a tyrannical government —which, it’s becoming clear, IS what Trudeau’s is.


This now again traitorous “UN Communist one world party” but pretending to be what was the “Liberal Party”, is not for Canada but against Canada and is destroying our way of life at our own expense, they are what should be illegal and if we want to be a sovereign democratic country with freedom and prosperity we must ban the elite one world LIEberal party trying hard to destroy us, as they are our enemies. Hide and keep our guns and let us get a Canadian leader FOR Canada before we loose everything.


What guarantees do the citizens get that the guns that the Trudeau government seizes, or as they put it “buy back” don’t get resold/given to 3rd world nations? Can someone tell me how the RCMP’s old revolvers made their into the hands of the Turkish police and criminal gangs in the Middle East after they were decommissioned in 1995? If the Liberals and their activist anti gun lobby cared so much about gun control, why were these guns not destroyed? What guarantees do the people that the Liberals won’t do what their friend and the long time buddy of Fidel… Read more »

Jeff Gonez

It doesn’t matter if the Liberals use parliament or not. They have a super majority with Lib+NDP+Bloc


Dictator. Liberals lied, AGAIN, when they said Canada was a democracy.


LOL Del yes Canada WAS a democracy-it just no longer is.


The Liberals are a minority government… When are we going to remind them of that and take our country back? How far does this insanity have to go? We are not supposed to be a Communist system. People of Canada wake up and use your voices!!!!!


Frankly, I would prefer the government publish pictures of the criminals in the government, and in the private sector, gun smugglers, and so on, rather than criminalizing law-abiding Canadians. But then I am not two-faced.

james isnor

If I read correctly did nt 9 of the NS monsters victims die in the fires. When does the gasoline, match and bic lighter ban start ?