WATCH: Propaganda Patty Triples Down On Praise Of Communist China

Even in the face of obvious facts, Hajdu still keeps praising the CCP line.

Despite the fact that Patty Hajdu has been objectively proven wrong repeatedly, arguing against border closures before the government imposed them, failing to push for airport screening, and calling criticisms of China’s CCP Coronavirus death numbers a ‘conspiracy theory’ before China ‘revised’ them, she keeps doubling down.

In fact, at this point she’s tripling down on her praise of the CCP.

As you can see in the recent interview Hajdu did with Evan Solomon, Hajdu again refused to criticize China, refused to correct her false remarks, and refused to admit her clear failures.

You can watch the video shared by respected journalist Andrew Lawton, which features a cameo by the CCP national anthem. Watch as Patty Hajdu completes her transformation into ‘Propaganda Patty!’

“Even after China admitted its numbers were wrong, Patty Hajdu refuses to admit she was wrong to trust China. She’s renewed her claim to the Politburo Patty nickname, for sure.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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