Bruce Aylward Must Show His Loyalty To Canada And Testify Before House Of Commons Committee

So far, Aylward has shown more interest in pushing the CCP-WHO line, rather than acting like a Canadian and standing up for his country.

You may remember Bruce Aylward from this clip:

“It is an embarrassing scene. @WHO Director General, Bruce Aylward, hangs up in an interview with RTHK when he is asked about reconsidering Taiwan’s membership. Ironically, despite being so close to China, Taiwan manages to keep the #coronavirus infection and fatality rate low.”

Aylward is a Canadian Citizen, and one of the ‘leaders’ of the WHO ‘response’ to the CCP Coronavirus.

He is now best known for the interview above, and for repeating the CCP-WHO line.

Aylward even heavily praised China just as the CCP Virus spread worldwide, raising serious questions as to why he was so supportive of the messaging from the Communist State.

And now, Aylward has been summoned to testify before a House of Commons Committee.

Aylward has repeatedly ducked out of opportunities to speak, despite having done many media interviews.

In short, despite being a Canadian, Aylward has refused to speak before the Parliament of his own country, while still pushing the WHO message in other forums.

That’s why – in a unanimous 11-0 vote – a House Committee has formally summoned him.

With all the doubts about Aylward, now is the time for him to prove his loyalty to Canada.

If he refuses to testify again, we can only assume that he would rather work for the WHO-CCP than for his own country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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How many favours has he received from China.A lot of our people can be bought and sold.They have no morals or shame.Money is God to them.

Ralph Knapp

WHO is clearly a Chinese puppet.

Ralph Knapp

So, WHO’s chief puppet in charge has his head stuffed comfortably up the Chinese nether region. It’s a wonderful world we live in, eh?


Take everything that they have in Canada including their prize Canadian citizenship, put all of these Canadian traitors on a plane to China and make sure they never come back to kill Canadians again, why are we putting up with this? This is NOT anything racist just protection from the “elite” traitors hurting and killing real Canadians if they are hurting our country just for filling their own pockets, to help another bad country with our tax dollars, kick them out of Canada never to return they are our enemies.


So we have Aylward and Tam both working for the WHO as well as the Liberal Government. Interesting. In case anyone questions my choice of words, Trudeau always refers to “Our Government” or “My Government”, never “Your Government”.