Erin O’Toole Says He’ll Repeal Liberal Gun Ban

CPC leadership candidate says he will “stop the Liberal soft on crime approach for partner violence and criminal use of weapons.”

Conservative Party leadership candidate Erin O’Toole is pledging to repeal the Trudeau Liberal gun ban:

“As PM, I’ll scrap the politically-motivated ban announced by Trudeau today and will focus on working with border and law enforcement on stopping illegal gun smugglers.

I will also stop the Liberal soft on crime approach for partner violence and criminal use of weapons.”

Here’s O’Toole’s full statement:

“There’s a big difference between me and Justin Trudeau.

I believe that you make communities safer by supporting law enforcement and cracking down on criminals. Justin Trudeau does not support either of these policies and chooses time after time to mislead and divide Canadians.

In response to a convicted criminal committing a horrific attack with illegal weapons, Trudeau ignores illegal gun smugglers and is soft on criminals who commit domestic violence – that can tragically be a precursor to murder. Instead, the Trudeau Liberals hope to confuse Canadians with misleading claims about law-abiding firearms owners and their property.

To politicize a tragedy like this is beneath the dignity of the office of Prime Minister. It is an insult to the victims and a disgusting attack on the rights and freedoms of all Canadians.

This would be true even if the Prime Minister’s plan would actually save lives. The fact that it won’t save a single life makes it even worse.

Let’s be clear – this isn’t about preventing crime. It’s about dividing Canadians. They want to divide rural versus urban Canadians. They want to divide Canadians who hunt or enjoy sports shooting versus those who don’t. In the heels of a tragedy the Liberals use misleading and loaded terms like “assault-styled” to try and scare people and convince them to turn on their neighbours or co-workers who the Liberals claim are a risk to public safety.

I won’t let the Trudeau Liberal mislead and divide Canadians on the topic of firearms ownership anymore. I am going to call out their lies and their divisive tactics.

And when it comes to public safety – I have a better plan.

Part one is to stop criminals from getting illegal guns by finally going after the criminal networks that smuggle weapons into our country from the United States. We have a strict system of screening, training and licensing that does a good job of stopping criminals from legally buying guns. Canadians need to know that the problem rests with the border. It is still too easy for gangs to smuggle and deal in illegal guns. I have a plan to stop this.

The second part of a plan to tackle gun violence is to finally take real action against domestic violence. You may wonder why this is part of this plan. It’s for a very simple reason. We have seen time and again that the criminals who commit attacks of violence almost always start off by abusing their spouse or partner. For far too long we have let these terrible people who commit domestic violence off with a slap on the wrist. This not only does a massive disservice to their innocent victims who are left to suffer – it also puts the broader community at risk. It’s time for tough mandatory minimum sentences for those who assault their spouse or partner. It’s also time to make it much easier for victims to secure protective orders. I have worked on these issues for over a decade and will make it happen as Prime Minister.�
It’s time to get serious about violent crime. It’s time to stop the Liberal approach of dividing Canadians.

The current Prime Minister isn’t serious. I will be”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter