Canadian Senator Slams Communist Party of China’s “Parasitic” Infiltration Of Canada

“It’s time to excise the parasite” says Senator Leo Housakos, one of the toughest Canadian voices on pushing back against China.

While much of the democratic world is finding renewed strength to stand up against the Chinese Communist Party, the Trudeau Liberal government continues to shamefully show weakness and subservience, refusing to criticize the ruthless Communist State.

Yet, there is growing strength within Canada to push back against China’s attempts to infiltrate our nation.

One of the strongest advocates has been Conservative Senator Leo Housakos, who has been courageously taking a stand against the CCP while much of Canada’s political class cowers in the corner.

Housakos recently endorsed Erin O’Toole for CPC leader, as O’Toole has been tough on China as well.

On Twitter, Housakos is using tough language, making it clear that Canada needs to stop our society and economy from being subverted by the Communist State. Housakos was responding to an article on how B.C. seniors homes are being bought by China, and then failing standards of care.

“The Communist Party of China’s infiltration of every corner of our economy and society is parasitic and we have stood by and allowed it to thrive. It’s time to excise the parasite.”

Housakos also called on the Liberals to condemn China’s Communist regime:

This is what we need to see from Canadian politicians and political parties. We all need to realize the threat posed by the CCP, and stand together against that threat to protect our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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alan skelhorne

its very hard todo, we have a communist ruining this country everyday. like he said from the beginning, no one can ever touch me. and trudeau was telling the truth


CSIS needs to look into the relationships so many of our politicians and bureaucrats have and had over the years with the Communist Chinese Government. The Canadian Media seldom say anything and are possibly in collusion with the Chinese. It is shocking how little trust we have now in the media and politicians since the Liberals were given the reins.

rob j

i have been warning peeps since the sidewinder report


It is refreshing to see a politician who does not subscribe to bendoverism.


Thankfully, we have people like Leo that are not cowards, appeasers or a wannabe dictator like our goofball PM, who is sooooo totally brainwashed (if he actually has a brain) to suck up to the CCP.

Lloyd Penner

Remember Mussolini, Hussein, Gaddafi, Trudeau?
Lets remember, so future politicians understand that they will be held accountable.