VIDEO: Trudeau Says Canada Needs To “Take Care Of Ourselves By Taking Care Of The Rest Of The World”

Yet again we see that Trudeau puts the needs of other countries above Canada.

There are many people who are focused on addressing the problems of the world, rather than specific countries.

And that’s fine.

But those people aren’t supposed to be leading specific countries.

After all, if you are a national leader, your first priority has to be leading your nation, and putting the interests of your own Citizens above all else.

Note, prioritizing your own citizens doesn’t mean hurting or denigrating the citizens of other nations. It simply means that you act in the interest of your own people.

Unfortunately, we have repeatedly seen that Justin Trudeau would rather focus on countries outside of Canada, than deal with Canada’s own significant challenges.

And, despite the fact that the CCP Coronavirus pandemic has shown that nations – like Taiwan – that protected their own citizens, shut their borders early, and screened international travellers did far better at stopping the virus, Trudeau is still pushing the message that Canada needs to be outwardly focused.

As you can see in the clip below, Trudeau made his viewpoint explicit, saying Canada needs to take care of the rest of the world:

Trudeau simply doesn’t get it.

It’s his job to ensure that Canadian Citizens are taken care of.

He doesn’t run ‘the world government,’ he runs ‘the Canadian government.’

That word, ‘Canadian,’ is supposed to mean something.

If Trudeau wants to focus on the world, he should resign as PM and go work for the United Nations.

Because now, more than ever, Canada needs a leader focused on our country, rather than trying to fix the entire world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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