DISLOYAL: Elizabeth May & The Bloc Side With Russia & Saudi Arabia Against Canadians, Falsely Claiming ‘Oil Is Dead’

Disloyalty is expected from the Separatist Bloc, but for Elizabeth May to basically push the message of the Russians and the Saudis is pathetic.

According to Elizabeth May and the Separatist Bloc, ‘oil is dead.’

Of course, they are dead wrong:

“Petroleum and other liquids will see their use increase through 2050, even as their share of global energy demand declines to 27% from 32% over that period”

So, in 2050, oil will be about the same share of global energy that it is now, and the overall pie could likely be bigger, since much of Africa and India is still on course for massive economic growth over the next century.

That’s why Russia and Saudi Arabia are fighting so hard to control the oil market, and are desperate to crush North American production.

What this means is that by claiming ‘oil is dead,’ and by trying to stop the government from helping the Canadian oil industry, the Bloc and Elizabeth May are effectively siding with Russia & Saudi Arabia, putting the interests of those authoritarian states ahead of the interests of the Canadian People.

Not only is at anti-Canadian, divisive, and flat-out dumb, it’s also totally at odds with the facts.

Oil is not dead. It’s very much alive, and will be for a very very long time.

Over the next decades, trillions of dollars will be made selling oil.

That money will either be in the hands of Canada, or in the hands of countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela.

By siding against the country, May and the Bloc are pushing for a world in which Canadians are poorer and more vulnerable, while authoritarian states are richer and more powerful.

Absolutely pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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