DISLOYAL: Elizabeth May & The Bloc Side With Russia & Saudi Arabia Against Canadians, Falsely Claiming ‘Oil Is Dead’

Disloyalty is expected from the Separatist Bloc, but for Elizabeth May to basically push the message of the Russians and the Saudis is pathetic.

According to Elizabeth May and the Separatist Bloc, ‘oil is dead.’

Of course, they are dead wrong:

“Petroleum and other liquids will see their use increase through 2050, even as their share of global energy demand declines to 27% from 32% over that period”

So, in 2050, oil will be about the same share of global energy that it is now, and the overall pie could likely be bigger, since much of Africa and India is still on course for massive economic growth over the next century.

That’s why Russia and Saudi Arabia are fighting so hard to control the oil market, and are desperate to crush North American production.

What this means is that by claiming ‘oil is dead,’ and by trying to stop the government from helping the Canadian oil industry, the Bloc and Elizabeth May are effectively siding with Russia & Saudi Arabia, putting the interests of those authoritarian states ahead of the interests of the Canadian People.

Not only is at anti-Canadian, divisive, and flat-out dumb, it’s also totally at odds with the facts.

Oil is not dead. It’s very much alive, and will be for a very very long time.

Over the next decades, trillions of dollars will be made selling oil.

That money will either be in the hands of Canada, or in the hands of countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Venezuela.

By siding against the country, May and the Bloc are pushing for a world in which Canadians are poorer and more vulnerable, while authoritarian states are richer and more powerful.

Absolutely pathetic.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Guy-Paul Roy

Saudi oil is great for The Bloc.


The communist China UN puppets ruining Canada were in support of paying China to put in oil and gas pipe lines for China/Russian prosperity while using our tax dollars/bigger debt to pay news media and protesters to badmouth rebel and protest against Canadian prosperity and jobs all the while bankrupting Canada leaving us in the cold without heat supplies or food while crushing our agriculture and transportation (electric trains and trucks do not work here) and we all know the very useless costly wasteful short lived polluting scam their green energy is and what a lie it is. Canadians need… Read more »


Another brainless politician.


Elizabeth May is a blind and silly leftist …..Let’s move her to one of the COLD regions of Canada, then cutoff access to any and all oil products to heat her home. She’ll find out just how important oil still is, and will remain to be, for MANY years to come…


I am sick to death of our parliamentarians – OUR EMPLOYEES, IN FACT – working against Canada and Canadians, and our natural resources whose sales/use have enriched us over the decades, and just generally being traitors to OUR country through their support of terrorist or communist regimes, and trying to follow THEIR lead instead of running our country as the parliamentary democracy that it is…. Trudeau IS at the top of that illustrious list of absolute losers…

Elaine Finn

I suppose May is getting ready to build a stone house & travel by horse as she learns from “her girls” to hunt her food with bow & arrow since Trudeau has banned hunting rifles. We can only imagine.


Elizabeth May’s Dodge Viper sports car runs on sunshine and farts, the preferred energy of leftists.


Elizabeth May is a has been. She obviously suffers from climate change tunnel vision and doesn’t have the ability to see the big picture. She’s blindsided by her own ambitions and we’re past the point where we need to be bothered by her lack of insight and knowledge of how the world really functions. She’s a hypocrite to the nth degree. She’d rather see Canada buy foreign oil and be shackled to the whims and tantrums thrown by temperamental producers, than see Canadians using our own oil. She’s a shortsighted fool. Go away and leave us move effectively into the… Read more »

Luc Crewe

I hate this country. They say this as they buy and use Saudi oil and drive around in cars using gas and heat their homes with oil. What do they think we will heat our homes with in the winter? Idiots.


I remember back in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell. Many of our Elites, who are Marxist, were very upset! At the time, they vowed to use minorities and the environment to bring down our countries. Hence the term “Cultural Marxism.” May and the leader of the Block have just clearly demonstrated that they are against Canada being an energy super power. Welcome to Chi-Nada!


Brain dead leftist fool. What do you expect?