China Sold Canada Another 8 MILLION Unusable Masks

The debacle continues, showing the ongoing risk of being dependent on a foreign country like China rather than making essential equipment in our own country.

A whopping 8 million masks bought by Canada from China have been rejected by the federal government, after the masks failed to meet quality specifications.

The masks were imported by a Montreal-based company.

The federal government has since suspended all mask shipments from that company – due to quality concerns.

In total, 11 million masks from China were ordered, and only 1.1 million met requirements. 1.6 million are still being tested.

That leaves over 8 million that will be trashed.

This is just the latest example of China selling Canada – and much of the world – garbage equipment.

And this is after China publicly lied to the world, downplayed the virus, and surreptitiously ordered up as much personal protective equipment as they could find.

Once again, we see that being dependent on a foreign country for essential equipment is very dangerous, and that we must become self-sufficient when it comes to key items.

It also exposes how much the Liberal government lied to Canadians, as the government had claimed Canada was ‘prepared,’ only to be sent on a mad scramble for equipment as the virus spreads.

Spencer Fernando 

Photo – Twitter


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