PRIORITIES: Canadian Establishment Media Has More Stories On Trump Than Trudeau

As we’ve seen from much of the ‘Canadian’ media coverage, there is far more attention on the US than on stories happening in Canada.

Recently, @Lumberist, one of Canada’s increasingly popular and prominent advocates for freedom and the oil & gas sector, pointed something out.

He noted that both CTV and CBC have far more entries for Trump than they do for Trudeau:

“You should do an article. Certainly not telling a gentleman I respect what to write but it’s easy to prove.

All the networks that tell you total mentions show this 👇🏻

Trump was elected 1 full year *after* Trudeau but is mentioned 1000’s of more times. Food for thought.”

And that is indeed the case.

As of this moment, there are 26,700 entries for ‘Trudeau’ when you search on CTV. On CBC, there are 41,642 entries for Trudeau.

But when it comes to Trump, CTV has 30,724 entries for him, while CBC has 46,382.

So in both cases, CTV and CBC – despite ostensibly being ‘Canadian’ news networks, have far more coverage of Trump than they do of Trudeau, despite the fact that all the coverage of Trump can be accessed on the US networks widely available in this country.

And making this even worse is that an entry for ‘Trudeau’ would also include all the archived stories about his father, meaning the imbalance between coverage of Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump is even more extreme.

“If you dig into it I bet lots of those “Trudeau” mentions involve his father or family. Increasing the gap further. Wink.”

As you read this, you can see that what you already felt was happening – Canadian media paying much more attention to Trump than to what’s happening in Canada – is now confirmed by the facts.

You were 100% correct.

We can see this in the coverage of the CCP Coronavirus, as the media has given the Trudeau Liberals an almost total free pass on their many deceptions and failures during this crisis, while focusing an immense amount of time on the US, despite the fact – as mentioned earlier – that Canadians can already access US coverage online, on TV, and on radio.

In short, much of the Canadian media increasingly represents a copy of US media, while Canadians are deprived of the chance to learn what’s really happening here in our own homeland. And all this is happening as the media demands even more taxpayers money, meaning we are paying more and more for less and less Canadian coverage.

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Spencer Fernando

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