Liberals Slammed For Failing To Close Borders When CCP Coronavirus Could Have Been Stopped

Liberal government open borders agenda was in stark contrast to what other countries like Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand did.

The Conservatives are going on the attack, slamming the Liberal government for their refusal to shut the borders early, which allowed the CCP Coronavirus to enter Canada and infect the country.

The Conservatives contrasted the timeline in Canada, compared to places like Australia and New Zealand, who took strong border actions early and have far fewer virus cases than Canada.

While people like me were calling for travel restrictions in January, the Conservatives weren’t far behind, pushing for the Liberal government to reduce travel into Canada from China in early February.

The Liberals refused.

Instead, even in late February and early March, the Liberals were falsely claiming border controls wouldn’t work, and were more focused on ‘stigma’ and ‘racism,’ rather than protecting Canadians.

You can watch the Conservative Party video below:

“It’s time for Justin Trudeau to take responsibility.

He failed to close our borders which allowed the virus to spread.

Even though Conservatives and Canadian medical professionals raised the alarm.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Our virtue-signaling dimwit PM was warned repeatedly by many people to stop the flights from China, Iran and Italy. The dimwit refused and instead called Canadians racists. Thanks to our dumb PM, hundreds of people have died.


The sooner that Canadians learn the truth about Trudeau being an out and out globalist on a mission to destroy our country, WITH his open borders/increased immigration policies and signing us onto the UN Global Migration Compact that – ESSENTIALLY -HANDS CONTROL OF OUR COUNTRY’S IMMIGRATION OVER TO THE UN ?!!
The more ALL of his BAD, anti-Canada, anti-Canadians policies will start to make sense to everyone…

richard taylor

Trudeau is an embarrasment to Canada


The CCP and the WHO’s plannedemic, that they had to make sure was spread across the whole country, and the world, with a planned financial crisis starting before it even got here, and somehow the greedy”elite” knew this, and because they are all so heavily invested in China, especially in drugs and Bill Gates is especially invested in not one, but nine Chinese companies that make all the worlds vaccines, yep, they all need more money and world control it seems.

Moe S.

Apparently, 80% of the 4,500 deaths were senior citizens in long-term homes. This is a national disgrace!


Why should prime minister care.He’ll go to Asia and bring more emigrants in.They will vote for him and dance to his tune.Old people cost money.Don’t Canadians get it does one have to hit you over the head to wake you up.