APPALLING: Trudeau Government Working With Company Linked To Chinese Communist Military On Testing Vaccine On Canadians

What the hell is wrong with those in charge? How have they not realized what a threat China poses?

In what can only be described as an appalling move, the federal National Research Council of Canada is linking themselves to China to ‘test’ a vaccine in Canada.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, CanSino – a company linked to China’s Academy of Military medical Sciences – will be brought to Canadian soil to test out China’s Ad5-nCoV, the Chinese vaccine candidate.

Making the deal even more absurd, Canadian technology will be used on the vaccine, but even if it works, Canada won’t get any ‘revenue’, with all of it going to China.

According to the report, “Canada’s involvement with Chinese vaccine developers dates to the 2007 signing of an agreement on scientific and technological co-operation. In 2011, the two countries agreed to collaborate on vaccine development. CanSino’s chief executive, Xuefeng Yu, also spent many years studying in Canada and working as an executive at Sanofi Pasteur Inc. He was formerly based in Toronto.”

And while this latest collaboration under the Trudeau government is a terrible move, as long back as 2014 the Harper government had signed a deal with China, and as a result China gets access to our technology without Canada being able to profit.

Additionally, the China-controlled company is seeking Health Canada approval to conduct human trials in Canada.

Criticism of this collaboration is already emerging, with the vast majority of comments on the Globe & Mail website being strongly opposed to the idea of working with Communist China.

Here are some of those comments:

“There are well over 100 vaccines being produced, Justin always hitches his team to the wrong dragon. Optics here are sickening.”

“Nope.  HARD pass.  I’d rather take my chances with the virus than get a vaccine “joint developed with the Chinese military”.’

“I smell a rat. or should I say, a bat.”

“And here we are, back in business with….China.”

“So China gets the intellectual property and all the revenue. Canadians get to be the lab rats. Sounds typical for the deals this government makes with the world’s new evil empire.”

“Hey, who knows more about this virus than the Chinese military? Added bonus, we can transfer some more technology to them, free of charge.

No, no need to thank as, glad to do it, hostages? forget about it.”

“I’m sure it will be as defective as their masks.Nothing of quality comes from China.”

“Recent public opinion in Canada wants less involvement with China, not more. They are a massively powerful country run by a few unelected people, that simply don’t treat people inside or outside their country well. Recent example is them sending operatives to strip our country of PPE, while pretending Covid was under control.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me…  I’m appalled.  Of all the countries on this planet who have proven time and time again they can’t be trusted it’s China.  I can’t believe we’d place our hopes for a vaccine on working with these thugs.  China collaborates with a Quebec company, what could possibly go wrong…  How about everything from corruption to extortion.  A sad day for Canada.  Heaven forbid we work with the British and Bill Gates on this one.”

This is indicative of what Canadians think. We want to push Chinese Communist Party influence out of Canada, rather than being more linked to them. Yet, the Trudeau government continues to ignore the will of the Canadian People, continuing a dangerous and disturbing trend of our nation being sold out to the Chinese Communist Party while Canadians are betrayed time and time again.

Spencer Fernando

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