Cowardly Liberal Government Abandons Chinese-Canadians To The Threats & Intimidation Of The CCP

Silence and cowardice by the Liberal government means Canadian Citizens are being intimidated and silenced by a foreign power.

The Trudeau Liberals have falsely positioned themselves as the ‘defenders’ of Chinese-Canadians against racism and threats.

Yet, while Trudeau and his cronies are great at virtue-signalling, they are failing to actually stand with Chinese-Canadians in the way that matters most.

As you know very well, the biggest threat to Chinese People is the Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP commits horrendous crimes against Chinese Citizens in China, and extends their fear and intimidation across the globe.

China doesn’t recognize dual-citizenship, so they believe that every Chinese person anywhere in the world is somehow subject to the CCP regime.

As a result, they threaten and intimidate any Chinese person who speaks out against the Communist Party, even in democratic nations.

And that’s happening even more in Canada than ever before.

For example, Anastasia Lin, the Ambassador for China Policy at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute and Miss Canada in 2015, has strongly spoken out against China, and faced serious repurcussions. As noted in a recent Global News report, Lin says Chinese-Canadians are “suffering in silence” as the strength of China’s “United Front” grows in this country.

Here’s part of what Lin said:

“In considering Communist China’s threat, we could talk about many angles,” Lin said in her speech. “We can talk about how its censorship of information endangers global health, and now the coronavirus outbreak is a perfect example. I can tell you personally how the Chinese Communist Party targets family of political opponents abroad.”

And Lin took direct aim at the Communist Party’s influence networks.

“Beijing backs numerous front organizations and civil-society groups in Western societies, including Chinese student and professional associations. These groups act as extensions of the state and party apparatus. They are mobilized to influence the outcome of local elections and influence government policy in the West,” Lin said.

“These groups are controlled and financed by the Chinese government through the United Front Work Department and the Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, but these connections are concealed from the public.”

According to one expert on the United Front, the federal government has failed to protect Chinese-Canadians from Beijing’s influence and intimidation attempts:

“In an interview regarding the United Front’s influence networks in Canada, Manthorpe said the United Front has been vastly increased under President Xi Jinping and seeks to control the Chinese diaspora and use community members ⁠— only on the basis of their Chinese ancestry ⁠— as foreign agents for Beijing’s strategic goals.

But Manthorpe said the United Front diaspora control operations have only been successful “to a limited degree.”

“It certainly hasn’t been very successful amongst the Canadians of Chinese heritage. I mean, the antipathy towards Beijing in Richmond, Scarborough, wherever, is huge and building,” Manthorpe said.

And yet, Canada has largely failed in exposing United Front operations and protecting Chinese-Canadians from the pressure exerted on them, he said.

“I think we need a lot more openness from Ottawa, identifying these United Front organizations,” Manthorpe said.

“And I think it’s also important to give support to Canadians of Chinese heritage who are under attack by these infiltrators.”

What we are seeing is that through cowardice and pathetic weakness, the Liberal government is allowing the Chinese Communist Party to intimidate, threaten, and silence freedom-loving Chinese-Canadians, which is not only a total disgrace, but is a clear violation of Canada’s sovereignty.

Canada’s Chinese community has been abandoned at the worst possible time by the federal government, and Canadians of all backgrounds are being betrayed as the Liberals continue to turn us into a Vassal State of the Chinese Communist Party.

Spencer Fernando