Elected Wet’suwet’en Chiefs Call For Carolyn Bennett To Resign

Bennett betrayed the elected leaders, siding with unelected people – including those who had taken titles away from women.

While the CCP Coronavirus understandably became the big story we’re all dealing with, it’s easy to forget that the issue of the unelected Wet’suwet’en chiefs and illegal blockades was a huge story in Canada.

And that story continues.

The Trudeau government showed horrible judgement throughout, refusing to enforce the law, refusing to stand with the actual elected leaders, and then signing a deal with the unelected ‘hereditary’ chiefs, excluding the duly elected leaders.

Additionally, some of those ‘hereditary’ chiefs had actually taken their titles away from women in the community when those women didn’t agree with them, raising even more doubts about whatever legitimacy they could have had.

And now, with the Trudeau government pushing ahead on a Memorandum Of Understanding that excludes the elected leaders, those leaders are calling for Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett to resign.

“We feel it is important to reiterate that we agree with the pursuit of negotiations for Wet’suwet’en Rights and Title, but we take issue with the improper consultation with respect to an MOU which would lead to negotiations,” says the statement.

“This lack of proper consultation and secrecy means the governments are acting in bad faith contrary to the Honour of the Crown.”

The elected chiefs are 100% right to call for Bennett’s resignation.

She has treated the elected leaders terribly, has rewarded the un-elected individuals who took their titles from others, and has totally failed to do her job.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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