Canadians Turn Decisively AGAINST Trade With China

Support for developing closer trade ties with China falls to record lows.

A mere 11% of Canadians think our country should focus on closer trade ties with China, according to a new Angus Reid poll.

That represents a massive drop, and is part of a trend against more trade with the Communist State.

In 2015, 40% wanted to develop closer trade ties with China. That fell to 29% in early 2017, 24% in August 2017, 22% in November 2019, and now just 11%.

Meanwhile, 20% say we should develop closer trade ties with South & Central America, 26% want closer trade ties with the UK, 37% want closer trade ties with the United States, and 52% want closer trade ties with the European Union (respondents were able to pick more than one).

Among all partisan affiliations, China is the least popular option for increasing trade, with just 6% of Conservatives, 16% of Liberals, and 9% of NDP voters picking China. Among Conservatives stronger ties with the US is the top choice, while among Liberals & NDP supporters the EU is the top choice. Of course, Canada can pick both, as we must move our supply chains out of China and back into Canada, while keeping a good trading relationship with democratic allies in the US, UK, and EU.

This makes it clear that Canadians are strongly turning against trade with China, and any move for so-called ‘free trade’ with China must be totally rejected. If anything, we need to slash trade with China, and become a stronger, more self-sufficient nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I agree with the popular vote, trade with the USA-100%, EU and UK-80%, Central and South America-80% and break all ties with China. China has shown they are not to be trusted. I also vote to break all ties with the UN and WHO. They too have shown not to be trusted and have their own agendas that are harming Canada and the rest of the world – remove all financial support from both of these organizations. Also remove from politics all Canadian left leaning politicians that are supporting the CCP, UN and WHO. To be allowed to run in… Read more »


Canadians are finally waking up. Why would any country in their right mind want to trade with a Corrupt, Communist Regime like China, which has been trying to take over all countries, especially Canada. China is taking advantage of Canada knowing that we have a Very Weak, Corrupt Leader who does not care about Canada or Canadians. The products that are exported from this Communist Regime all all Junk, Garbage. They have been holding two Canadians arbitrarily since December 8, 2019. These two individuals are innocent and have never been charged with anything. China has lied about Covid19 telling the… Read more »


Correction, date that our two Canadians were arbitrarily imprisoned is December 8, 2018, ant Not December 8, 2019.