Canadian Public Opinion Of China Crashes To Lowest Level Ever Recorded

An overwhelming majority of people across the Canadian political spectrum have a negative view of China.

A new survey from the Angus Reid Institute shows an overwhelming majority of Canadians holding a negative view of China.

In fact, views are so negative that the number of people with a positive view of China has reached the lowest level ever recorded.

As recent as 2017, 48% of Canadians held a favourable view of China.

Now, just 14% have a favourable view, a huge drop from the 29% who viewed China favourably last year.

By contrast, 81% of Canadians have an unfavourable view of China, making China the most unpopular country of all surveyed.

Notably, despite much of the Canadian establishment media endlessly bashing the United States, the US is viewed far more favourably than China, with 38% having a favourable view, and 60% having a negative view.

Canadians also hold a positive view towards Taiwan, with 54% seeing the island nation favourably, compared to just 20% who hold an unfavourable view.

Regionally, a huge majority of people in all provinces view China negatively. China is most popular in BC, but even there just 22% have a favourable view, compared to 72% who have a negative view. In Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec, over 80% of people have a negative view, while in Atlantic Canada, 76% view China negatively.

The intensity of negativity towards China is also incredibly strong, with 43% of Canadians saying their view of China is “very unfavourable.”

37% say their view of China is “unfavourable,” with just 12% saying their view is “mostly favourable.”

And in a true sign of China’s immense unpopularity in Canada, a mere 1% say they view China “very favourably.”

Clearly, after China’s kidnapping of our Citizens, lies that allowed the CCP Coronavirus to spread, attempt to bully and intimidate people living in this country, and effort to infiltrate our political system, Canadians are fully waking up to the immense threat China poses to us.

You can read the full poll here

Spencer Fernando

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