Embracing Economic Nationalism & Defending Canada From China Could Give Conservatives A Landslide Victory

With a near-total consensus among Canadians on viewing China negatively, and with self-sufficiency an imperative for our health & economic security, Conservatives have opportunity to reshape the political spectrum.

While their poll numbers are up recently amid necessary large-scale government support for Canadians impacted by the CCP Coronavirus Crisis, the Liberals have walked themselves into a trap.

For reasons either sinister or stupid, the Liberals have decided to be the ‘pro-China’ party in Canada, often siding with the CCP worldview rather than with Canadians or our allies.

And with a new survey showing China is now less popular among Canadians than ever before in history – with just 14% viewing China positively – the Liberals are exceedingly vulnerable to charges of being anti-democratic, disloyal, and against the Canadian People.

There is an historic opportunity here for the Conservatives to embrace economic nationalism, push back against China, and reshape Canada’s political spectrum.

The reality is that Canada has suffered so much economic damage that only the federal government has the raw fiscal firepower (and money creation ability along with the Bank of Canada) to respond at the level needed. This means campaigning on issues like the debt and deficits will easily get spun as ‘cuts,’ while people are already struggling.

If the Conservatives go that route again they will likely get slaughtered at the polls.

However, if the Conservatives embrace strong federal action to support Canada’s core industries and make our nation more self-sufficient, while bringing back our supply chains from China, they could garner immense support.

Imagine if the Conservatives put forward a plan where they offer support for all key industries in each province, including the oil & gas industry, the auto industry, the aerospace industry, agriculture, tech, and more.

Imagine if they reach out to unions and seek to bring manufacturing jobs back to Canada, pushing for higher wages and more job security rather than shipping jobs to China.

And imagine if they campaign on blocking Huawei, blocking foreign takeovers of Canadian companies, and strengthening local communities.

That’s an agenda that Canadians all across the political spectrum could embrace.

Meanwhile, it would be opposed by the corporate elites and the political class, both of which are already deeply unpopular with Canadians. Make the Liberal elites try explaining why they want Canada to keep being sold off to China, and watch their poll numbers collapse.

If the Conservatives are able to move beyond their failed campaign approach (endless talk about the deficit and boutique tax credits that no longer resonate) and instead shift to an agenda of protecting and strengthening the health, security, and prosperity of the Canadian Nation, a landslide victory is within their grasp.

Spencer Fernando


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Michael Ryan

First the Cons need a leader. A conservative values leader.


So true, Fernando. This is a brilliantly simple analysis. The CPC needs to stop shooting itself in the foot. My God, I hope the listen to your advice.


not going to happen with free money


Yea a wander how many of our people have a hand in China’s pocket.

Arie Intveld

Agreed, Spencer. The message to Canadians needs to be “Do we want to become a colony of the ChiComs or not?” We are in a war for the future of Canada. But in war, pre-announcing one’s strategy is piss-poor tactics. The CPC should also shut their cake holes on anything to do with guns or fetal homicide if they want to win.

Gary Grieves

The CPC is more interested in marching in Pride parades, expelling people who criticize T.Tam and being as much like Liberals as they can. They don’t have time for victories, landslide or otherwise.

Gary major

Drinking to much Koolaid Gary?

Nolan Diamond

Too many left wingers & their news media, still support anything Trudeau does.


Order of business number one: get your leader in place.

Terry Ciccarelli

Up to now the leading candidate, as presented by the MSM, seems to be running for Leader of the Opposition. He must stop preaching to the choir of CPC members and start messaging like a leader of all Canadians. Start by disavowing Liberal leaders who are echoing the CCP propaganda around the virus and present policies that would sanction China in trade, and create a domestic economy that is much, much less reliant on foreigners for essentials such as food, medicine and consumer durables. We have all the essential building blocks and only need a leader with this vision and… Read more »

Nolan Diamond

Don’t be so sure globalism is dead, too many countries with failing economies, sadly. The overhyped shut down hysteria, is causing even more debt, chaos, bankruptcies, unemployment misery etc. Sweden, was smart to keep their economy working.