PUTTING CANADIAN WORKERS FIRST: To Achieve More Self-Sufficiency, Canada Must Impose Much Higher Tariffs On China & Other Cheap Labour Countries

To become a more self-sufficient nation, we must look at the economic wisdom that helped build our country.

It’s easy to forget amid all the elitist propaganda, but Canada was once a far more self-sufficient nation.

We once had large tariffs in many sectors, in an effort to help protect and build strong national, local businesses in this country.

However, that has since changed, with a growing orthodoxy and bipartisan consensus on more and more ‘free trade’ and tariff reductions.

That consensus led a huge shift of manufacturing jobs to countries like China, who grew in power while the Canadian middle class and working class took a huge hit.

Just consider that, despite being constantly told that we are ‘richer than ever before,’ life has become far less affordable for the vast majority of people, with jobs more precarious than ever.

And now, with the CCP Coronavirus crisis devastating our economy, killing thousands of our Citizens, and revealing our vulnerability, that previous economic orthodoxy has been shattered.

Now, there is a growing realization that massive changes need to be made, in order to make our nation more self-sufficient.

Some Conservative leadership candidates have been moving in that direction, which is great to see.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that true self-sufficiency will mean doing things that go against what many parties – including the Conservatives – have long advocated for.

A key example is government support for businesses, and tariffs.

To truly make Canada self-sufficient, we must ensure that more and more of our companies bring production back from China and other cheap labour countries.

Some will do that out of Patriotic love for Canada.

But many others will refuse, saying they are unable to make a profit paying higher wages in Canada.

There are a few ways to address this.

First, in some cases the government will need to provide direct financial support to companies, like the government has done for companies that shifted to manufacturing masks and personal protective equipment. Some of that support will need to become permanent, with the government in effect paying companies to produce things that our country could need in an emergency.

Second, we will need to impose tariffs on many products from China, incentivizing companies to either shift production back to Canada, or at least move out of China.

Tariffs will bring in revenue which can then be used both to directly support key companies in bringing supply chains back, and in providing tax relief and financial support to Canadians.

Over time, this will shift our economy more towards a high-wage economy with strong national companies, and stronger local communities that are centered around tangible local production, rather than the ‘race to the bottom’ of ever-cheaper wages that made us so vulnerable in the first place.

Many establishment politicians – including establishment Conservatives & Liberals – will oppose this.

They are still locked into the globalist mindset that serves multinational corporations instead of their own Citizens. Yet, the Conservative base, and the majority of Canadians are clearly pushing back, with support for trade with China collapsing to record lows.

The CCP Coronavirus Crisis has been a huge wakeup call for our country, with many people realizing that Economic Nationalism is essential, while endless globalization must come to an end.

Canada needs to start thinking like a Nation, and that means supporting our Canadian companies, imposing tariffs on foreign goods, and turning self-sufficiency from rhetoric into reality.

Spencer Fernando


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Imposed restrictions and laws over the decades has it made illegal to do business in Canada.
The costs are truly astronomical.
Training and education expires to added restrictions with new laws constantly added.


New laws and new feel-good politically correct taxes like the useless Trudeau Carbon Tax. The ONLY reason for the Trudeau Tax is to make things more expensive and get us to hesitate to buy stuff.


This is so true, and we have known this for many years. Even when we had PM Harper, big trade deals still seemed the rage, bigger companies with world control especially of these “mentally ill elites” and their puppet governments, at least Mr.Harper realized this but too late to start acting on ( as he stated later). Where do we go to find a real trustworthy leader to protect Canada and do the right things they will all make mistakes trying to fix this country, make the laws right again, get rid of: the destructive people who will destroy our… Read more »


Canadians would certainly like to support Canadian companies and businesses. Unfortunately, this goes against the Liberal policy of intentionally punishing those same Canadians with the regressive, expensive and useless Trudeau Carbon Tax. In their tiny little minds, stuff made somewhere else doesn’t pollute, only Canadian stuff. As long as he has his Trudeau Carbon Tax in place, making things more expensive for me, I will make a deliberate effort to stay away from Made in Canada or Product of Canada stuff. I am still looking for my Liberal Participation Medal.

Moe S.

Your right, “established politicians…Conservatives & Liberals will oppose this.” Spencer, you must read the report “Project Sidewinder” by Globe & Mail, Andrew Mitrovica & Jeff Sallot. As far back as PM Jean Chretien Chinese Intelligence sent agents to Canada as part of business & trade delegations. Prominent former, and likely present Canadian politicians are on boards of Chinese state-owned corporations. The infiltration of the Chinese Communist gov’t with Asian criminal gangs working together in drug smuggling, nuclear espionage, high-tech theft, and money laundering in Canada is a huge tangled web that needs to be seriously addressed before anything your suggesting… Read more »

Christian moehling

Economic nationalism…made in canada ….sounds protectionist but that is what makes & keeps a country strong.


That message should say…supports the basic dictatorship of the Chinese government. My mistake.


Depending on the manufacturer, very little of the product is shipped to Canada who is a small consumer in the world. It seems no thought has been given to companies that ship less than 10% of their manufactured goods to Canada. The move back or else, is somewhat mute.

Steve Richards

Forget about tariffs, lets’ start with Canada Post. How do you think you can order that $4.95 item from China with free shipping included? Canada Post charges China almost nothing for shipping costs to Canada and then ups our in country shipping to make up for it.Have you ever tried shipping a tiny under 100 gram object to somewhere in Canada? It will cost you $15. or more just for shipping with Canada Post. Yet if it comes from China, Canada Post will deliver anywhere in Canada for pennies. Everything is so backwards and upside down in this country I… Read more »