Chinese Communist Party Orchestrating Coup In Hong Kong

Pro-Democracy lawmakers locked out of legislature by CCP thugs, as China takes advantage of a world distracted by Coronavirus Crisis to destroy Hong Kong’s democracy.

With much of the world grappling with the Coronavirus Crisis that was caused by China, the Chinese Communist Party is orchestrating a coup in Hong Kong.

Democracy in Hong Kong is being destroyed.

As you can see in the videos below, CCP thugs literally locked out pro-democracy legislators in Hong Kong (who have a huge majority), and only let pro-CCP legislators vote for the House Committee Chairman.

“As I said a week ago. HK is gone. #ballots for election of House Committee chairman were distributed to pro Beijing lawmakers by Chan Kin-por while evicted pro democracy lawmakers were banging the doors held locked by LegCo security guards from inside.”

They even violently removed pro-democracy legislators:

“Here’s the moment when Democratic Party lawmaker Ted Hui was being dragged out of Legco’s House Comm meeting room by several security guards. He later said he’d never been treated so forcefully in Legco, with someone pinning his head to the ground and kneeing him in the chest.”

As noted by Ezra Levant, this is a coup:

“This is what a coup looks like.

Xi Jinping is physically removing the democratic politicians in Hong Kong’s legislature.

He’s testing to see what he can get away with.

How the west reacts in the next 24 hours will signal to China how brutal they can be towards other countries.”

China is now directly emulating the tactics used by the fascists in Germany in the 1930’s, when they rigged votes by intimidating and violently expelling their opponents from the Reichstag.

The Chinese Communist Party continues to show that it is a brutal, oppressive, and malign force, destroying all good values of democracy and freedom cherished by people around the world, as well as unleashing a virus upon us that has killed hundreds of thousands and decimated economies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter