Joe Biden Says He Would Cancel Keystone XL Approval

Why would Biden target a close US ally instead of focusing on the threat posed by China?

Joe Biden – already under heavy criticism in the US for his perceived weakness towards Communist China – is raising more eyebrows with a recent campaign announcement.

Biden has said he will rip up the approval for the Keystone XL pipeline, effectively scrapping the project.

This would be a huge blow to Alberta’s energy sector, and would be bad for both Canada and the US.

It has many once again questioning Biden’s judgement.

After all, why would Biden risk antagonizing and hurting Canada, rather than focusing on the threat of the Chinese Communist Party?

By contrast, the Trump Administration approved the project, and worked to ensure it went forward, though it is currently held up due to a recent court decision.

In response to the Biden campaign, Conservative leadership contender Erin O’Toole made clear why the project is so important:

“The case for Keystone XL has never been stronger. You can’t manufacture PPE and medical equipment without petrochemicals. As PM, I will champion Canadian oil and gas, and the critical role the industry plays in manufacturing life-saving products.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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D. Jerome Hauk

Does anyone think Biden will yet be in the Race come November, let alone win?


The Clinton’s and the Obama’s would not approve of Keystone XL either, and they put puppet Trudeau in place in Canada. Biden (Obama’s Vice President) is just another left/right puppet of the Chinese communists UN. If or probably when the communists takeover Canada they will put in all the oil pipelines where they need them, as the communist will certainly use us to work hard for them, at very low pay, so they can extract what was our life saving oil for their own uses not ours. So we can only pray that Conservative Erin O”Tool gets elected if it… Read more »

Ralph Knapp

I think Biden dropped a few marbles when he penned this .


Of course he’ll choose China over Canada; he and his family have made big bucks there.