Liberal Government Favoured Chinese Mask Suppliers Over Western Companies: Blacklock’s Reporter

And the Liberals are still refusing to name their contractors in China.

A new report by Blacklock’s Reporter reveals that the Liberal government favoured Chinese mask suppliers over Western companies:

“A federal hunt for pandemic masks is so haphazard the Department of Public Works prepaid millions to Chinese suppliers of shoddy goods while dismissing offers from Western contractors, MPs were told. The department refused to name its contractors in China: “I think Canadians need to know.””

The Liberals reportedly told North American and European companies that the contracting window was closed, while signing new deals with Chinese companies.

This is yet another in a seemingly endless number of examples of the Liberals showing disrespect and disregard for our fellow democratic allies, while kowtowing to the ruthless Chinese Communist Party regime.

Spencer Fernando

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Should this be true, it is past time that CSIS and other security organizations start investigating the disturbingly close relationship Trudeau and his Liberals have with the Communist Chinese. Why does Trudeau have such a deep and intense hatred of Canada and Canadians? Arrogant narcissist?