Scheer Praises Taiwan, Slams Trudeau’s ‘Policy Of Appeasement’ Towards China

Recent moves by federal government to align more with our allies instead of China are long-overdue Scheer notes.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer ripped the Trudeau Liberals for their weakness towards China, slamming their ‘policy of appeasement’ towards the ruthless Communist State.

“Don’t be fooled by Mr. Trudeau’s phony statements about China right now,” said Scheer. “We have been raising the alarm about this government’s failure to stand up for Canada and its policy of appeasement to the regime in the People’s Republic of China.” 

Scheer has repeated past Conservative calls for the government to stop funding the Asian Infrastructure Bank, an institution which is controlled by China. He also pushed for the government to investigate Chinese exports to show that “there are consequences” for China’s detention of two Michael Kovrig & Michael Spavor.

Additionally, Scheer praised Taiwan and ripped the WHO for excluding them:

“Taiwan has one of the strongest success rates in fighting COVID-19. For the WHO to shun evidence-based decision-making and exclude them from the World Health Assembly because of Beijing’s pressure is wrong. This puts lives at risk. Canada must add its voice in condemnation.”

In recent days, the Liberals have shifted their stance towards China from complete supplication to a polite bow, with the minuscule strengthening following a survey which showed Canadians massively turning against China.

Scheer noted that this seems more about polls than principles for the Liberals:

“It’s only now after they see some polling data that they’ve started to change their message on that. It’s only in the last couple of weeks that he’s changed his message at all and I believe it’s completely disingenuous.”

As Canadians have seen, the more the Liberals show weakness towards China, the worse Canadians are treated by the CCP, and the more our nation looks unreliable to our allies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Mart Phillips

How does Scheer reconcile his views of Taiwan against his views of the Chinese government..and what progressive diplomacy does Scheer have for moving towards a resolution towards the Communist government..?
Scheer has no plan to appeal to China shows weakness on all foreign policy fronts…be it the UK, US or the EU…
Time for him to go –fortunately..
Scheer will soon be out of the picture and will not interfere in foreign policy matters.


Don’t stop pushing Trudeau on everything that the communist state of China has done. They are the MOST PREDATORY Country in the world and need to be shammed and held accountable for their actions. Trudeau and the whole Liberal party and the WHO need to be shammed and held accountable for ALL their actions over the last 41/2 years as well. I believe a non-partisan investigation of the Trudeau and the Liberals are imperative. Followed by a vote of NON-CONFIDENCE. The sooner the better. They are destroying our Democracy and turning Canada into a Communist state. TRUDEAU AND THE LIBERALS… Read more »


Considering the duration of Trudeau’s publicly admitted admiration of the Chinese, Scheer’s outrage is a case of locking the barn door after the horse has bolted. He could have been holding Trudeau’s feet to the fire over this for the past few years but we’ve heard little to nothing of substance from Scheer. I was a fan of Scheer’s but since the election, he’s proven himself to be a wet noodle and Canadians are getting little for their money from the political leaders of this country. Is Scheer really this weak, or has he been shut out of the public… Read more »

alan skelhorne

of course trudeau has put the squeeze on mr. scheer, don,t you remember a couple of months back, when trudeau wouldn,t invite mr. scheer, because mr scheer tore a strip of its not locking the barn door, its the communist way or no way. so in my opinion, your statement is of base, so tell me dear reader, what are you doing to stop the communist.