Devastating Video Eviscerates Total Debacle Of Liberal CCP Virus Response

Constant flip-flops, flat-out wrong information, and absurd mistakes marred Canada’s response from the beginning.

A devastating video compilation is laying bare the horrendous response by the Liberal government to the CCP Virus.

The video shows the multiple flip-flops and egregious errors made particularly by Patty Hajdu and Theresa Tam.

Tam is seen giving contradictory advice on masks, which is itself very odd since the science on masks hasn’t changed at all.

Meanwhile, Hajdu is seen claiming borders aren’t effective and even saying border controls could ’cause harm.’ Of course, that was all revealed as total BS when Justin Trudeau later said that border closures would ‘save lives.’ Additionally, Theresa Tam just recently admitted that the borders should have been shut earlier.

In short, we see that the Liberal government was repeatedly spreading misinformation on the CCP Coronavirus, misinformation that has had deadly consequences for the Canadian People.

You can watch the video below, and help share this article to spread the word about the horrendous incompetence of the Liberal government:

“These are the same people that want to set up laws to “prevent the spread of misinformation on COVID”.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Major Tom

This is a ‘Tragedy by Design….” The aim is to destroy the Western economies and unseat President Trump…
It’s an Act of War….

james isnor

This is bad on so many levels. What has happened to Canada ? What next ? Join the EU ?


If you eviscerate a debacle you are killing it by disemboweling. I am not so sure that is an accurate headline. It would technically be the oblique opposite of what you are hoping to say.