The Same Fools Who Called Us Racist For Wanting Early Border Closures Now Admit They Should Have Closed The Borders Earlier

Time to replace these politically-correct jokes with people who will actually prioritize the safety of the Canadian People over ‘hurt feelings.’

We all remember what happened when the CCP Coronavirus started spreading and posing a risk to Canada.

People like you and me were calling for border closures early on, realizing that the way to protect Canada was to shut our borders.

Yet, when people like us were calling for that, the foolish people in charge like Justin Trudeau, Theresa Tam, and Patty Hajdu insinuated that border closures were ‘racist.’

They claimed that ‘stigma’ was a ‘greater threat than the virus,’ a statement that will live in infamy as one of the dumbest things every uttered.

In short, they demonized and attacked us for wanting to protect the country, while completely abandoning their duty to protect the Canadian People.

And now, we see the consequences.

Compared to countries that shut the borders early, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan, Canada has done far worse.

Despite being a country protected by oceans and by having control over who enters at our airports, Canada has had a large CCP Coronavirus outbreak, with thousands of Canadians dying needlessly.

Those deaths – and the deaths still to come – could have been prevented.

If the borders were shut early, many Canadian lives would have been saved.

And now, the very same people who failed to protect the country, the very same people who demonized us for wanting the borders closed early, have admitted their ‘mistake.’

“we were wrong. In retrospect and maybe looking forward, the world might be a very different place in terms of whether this kind of measure is enacted,” said Dr Tam. “So, we will learn.” That’s one hell of a mistake. yet those who questioned it were called racists by the’experts'”

How nice to hear…

Those who had one job – to get it right and protect Canadians – failed to do their job.

Now, they claim they ‘will learn,’ but we know they won’t.

The next crisis they will be back to worrying about everyone’s ‘feelings’ rather than taking action.

That’s why it’s not enough for them to just admit a mistake. That mistake was massive, and cost thousands of lives.

They must resign and stay far away from any role in influencing government policy.

Canadians can’t take the risk of having these pathetic fools in power making life & death decisions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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