PATHETIC: Rather Than Trusting Their Membership To Vote Freely, Conservative Party Disqualifies Jim Karahalios Again

What happened to letting the People vote?

A day after a court invalidated the Conservative Party’s disqualification of Jim Karahalios from the leadership race, the party has disqualified him again:

“BREAKING: Conservative Party of Canada confirms it has, again, disqualified Jim Karahalios from the Conservative leadership race. This time, the decision was made by LEOC. Statement from party spokesperson:”

This is a disgrace.

If I was a party member (I’m not), probably would not have voted for Karahalios.

But that’s not the issue here.

The issue is that the Conservative Party once again refuses to trust their own members.

The membership should have the right to vote freely and decide who they want to lead their party. That decision should be made by the People, not a few backroom insiders.

It’s embarrassing for the Conservatives to constantly attack Trudeau for being anti-democratic while being anti-democratic within their own party.

To truly connect with the people of this country and to strengthen the belief of their own members, the Conservatives need to show trust in them.

By booting Karahalios again, the Conservatives only show that they remain disconnected from the kind of freedom and democratic attitude their members have been calling for.

Another pathetic and foolish move by the CPC.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Dave Lindsay

This is TOTAL BS ! I am going to vote for leslyn Lewis now.

Major Tom

The Marxists’ are in control………their actions speak louder than words…..

Terry Gain

Leadership candidates should only be disqualified if they violate standards which have been published in advance of the conduct which is claimed to be disqualifying and even then the candidate should have the right of a hearing which is public. The CPC set nomination requirements that made it very difficult for anyone to contest the leadership. This was done to favour Peter McKay and Erin O’Toole. The CPC has revealed itself as not only undemocratic but also fascist. Conservatives have been left with no choice but to leave the weak-kneed CPC and join the PPC. Canadian values are being quickly… Read more »


No wonder the Conservative Party is falling behind. We who are truly conservative, need to stand up, allow free speech, let MPs open abortion debate, etc., etc. The Conservative Party now is just another ”red Tory” and we( husband and I) did not renew our membership and will not until the party becomes what it used to be, a CONSERVATIVE PARTY.


I am really really close to sending my membership card in. It looks like the Conservative party has thrown democracy and free speech in the garbage. We can’t be faulted for suspecting the Liberals are influencing the Conservative Party management. They have lost my trust.

Robert D.

I am not voting in the next federal election, for the first time I am done with this B.S. of the conservative party, the fake news leftist fake news lamestream media and the crimes of the liberal party being accepted by 80% of the brainwashed sheeple of this country. Time to break-up Canada, the experience is now a total failure in democracy. We are now into a dictatorship run country with the voices of the people being silenced.


I am Absolutely Disgusted with the Conservative Party. I and my family have been Conservatives for many, many years. I haven’t yet discussed this very bad decision by the LEOC of the Conservative Party with my family yet, but I have now realized that I have no choice but to support a different Party. I hope that the PPC can be built up because the PPC would now be the Party that I would support. Maxime Bernier was the ONLY former Conservative who told Canadians that the Conservative Party was Corrupt. Maxime Bernier was Absolutely telling the Truth and without… Read more »

Karen Baynton

This is a sad day for the Conservative Party. I was a supporter up until recently. I would not have voted for Jim as leader, but I believe that he had a right to run for leadership and let the members decide. I don’t know if I can support this party any more with all the stupidity that is going on with it. The only problem is who the hell am I going to vote for now?