HUMILIATION: ‘Free Market’ Conservatives Join NDP, Greens, And Liberals In Applying For Federal Wage Subsidy, Despite Having Raised Millions In Donations

The tone-deafness of the CPC reaches new heights.

The Conservatives are the Party of ‘free speech’ and ‘free markets.’

Just listen to them, they’ll tell you that themselves!

But words and actions aren’t the same thing.

And the Conservatives are now facing intense criticism – much of it from their own members – as the hypocritical incidents pile up.

Earlier today, stories went out in the news about how the NDP was applying for the federal wage subsidy being given to businesses and corporations. Lots of people had a good laugh, as it seemed like a totally ‘socialist’ thing to do.

Yet, the joke wasn’t quite over.

It turns out the Conservatives, along with the Liberals and Greens, had also taken the money:

“Everyone was laughing at the NDP for a while, “LOL socialists taking wage subsidy LOL”, but turns out all the parties – including the ‘free market’ Conservatives were taking it. The political class has more in common with each other than they do with you.”

In a news report, the Conservatives then confirmed they are taking the money:

“Conservative Party spokesperson Cory Hann told CTV News that the federal party—which is in the middle of a leadership race—is also accessing the program to help supplement the wages of its staff, which between full-time and part-time include around 60 people.

“Like many Canadians, organizations, and not-for-profits, COVID-19 measures are having an impact on our team, party, and operations, and we’re doing our best to adjust to this new reality. This has meant incurring unexpected expenses that ensures our staff have the ability and technology to work remotely for an extended period,” Hann said.”

As people find this out, there is a growing backlash against all the parties, and many Conservatives are the angriest.

After all, the Conservative Party claims to be the ‘free market’ party, and has raised tens of millions of dollars, regularly outpacing all the other parties. Yet, they were just as willing to throw in with the socialists, Liberals, and Greens for the wage subsidy.

Making this even worse is that the Conservatives have been on what they call an ‘anti CERB fraud’ campaign, which predictably backfired with many feeling the party was calling Canadians frauds.

The tone-deafness of going on the ‘fraud’ campaign while the super-well funded CPC was taking the wage subsidy is an immense debacle, and is quite frankly humiliating for the party.

And all of this is on top of what was already a debacle of a week for the party, with the CPC upper-echelon kicking out Jim Karahalios rather than letting the voters decide, and falling way behind in multiple polls.

At this rate, the Conservatives are doing nothing except losing support, looking more and more like total hypocrites, and demoralizing their own core membership.

Spencer Fernando