WATCH: Given Repeated Opportunities To Condemn China’s Destruction Of Hong Kong’s Democracy, Liberal Foreign Affairs Minister Spouts Cowardly Talking Points Instead

What an embarrassment.

Fresh off his repeated failure to even say the name ‘Taiwan’ after that democratic country gave Canada a bunch of masks for free (while Communist China charges us for them), Liberal foreign affairs minister Francois-Philippe Champagne has had yet another disgraceful interview.

Once again, it centered around China.

Champagne was speaking to Vassy Kapelos about China’s move to basically destroy democracy in Hong Kong.

Kapelos gave Champagne repeated, and I mean repeated, opportunities to strongly condemn China’s actions.

Over and over and over again, Kapelos gave Champagne a chance to give a statement with even a bit of strength.

He refused.

Instead, he repeated the same pathetic and weak talking points, yet again showing that the Liberal government is weak and subservient in the face of Chinese aggression.

Kapelos does a very effective job in the interview, with her repeated questioning astutely revealing Champagne’s weakness and cowardice.

“If this 16 minutes of Foreign Affairs Minister Francois Philippe-Champagne’s robotic script-reading logorrhea doesn’t insult your intelligence, you don’t have any. If it doesn’t leave you at least a tiny bit ashamed to be a Canadian, you have no shame.”

You can watch the pathetic interview below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube