Canadian Senator Rips Toronto Star Columnist As Apologist For Brutal Chinese Communist Regime

Toronto Star columnist Regg Cohn foolishly compared America’s democratically elected government to the brutal totalitarian Chinese Communist Party state.

Canadian Senator Leo Housakos – one of the strongest voices in Canada against the Chinese Communist Party – ripped foolish Toronto Star columnist Regg Cohn for an awful column in which Cohn implied a moral equivalence between the democratically-elected US government, and the Chinese Communist Party.

Cohn’s column was titled “Why Justin Trudeau shouldn’t snub China, even as it crosses a line with new Hong Kong law.”

Cohn is going against the Canadian People, who have made clear that we want the government to distance our nation from China and get closer to our democratic allies.

And Senator Housakos slammed Cohn:

“To compare a democratically elected leader and our closest ally to a dictatorial communist regime is disgraceful.

We’re either for freedom, democracy & rule of law or we aren’t. Good thing Mr. Cohn wasn’t around in the 1930s/40s. #StandWithHongKong”

Cohn tried fighting back:

“Tell you what tough guy appointed Senator and self-appointed ethicist, who took undeclared free trip to China w/spouse, causing ethics probe: Save the finger-wagging for Xi Jinping; think twice before you cite 1930s/40s. U don’t know what U don’t know.”

Housakos responded:

“At least I have the intestinal fortitude and principle to wave my finger at Jinping while your and your buddy Trudeau cower in the corner, you apologist. #StandWithHongKong”

“This explains a lot. I’d be able to take @reggcohn more seriously if he wasn’t using Chinese state media as his source. Mr. Cohn, why won’t you join me and #StandWithHongKong?”

Cohn’s attempt to rebut Housakos failed miserably.

After all, if Cohn is trying to imply that Housakos took an improper trip with China, why would Housakos be one of the toughest Canadian politicians when it comes to China? Wouldn’t you expect the opposite?

Also, China has a well-known tactic of spreading lies and disinformation about politicians who criticize them, so Cohn appears to be doing exactly what the CCP wants by attacking Canadian critics of China instead of focusing on the brutal CCP regime.

Sadly, at a time when Canadians need to stand together against China, much of the establishment media is instead acting as ‘useful idiots’ for a horrible foreign regime.

Spencer Fernando

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