Conservative Leadership Candidates Slam Party For Taking Wage Subsidy

A growing rift is emerging between the CPC headquarters and the Conservative base, and the leadership candidates are wisely aligning with the base.

With the Conservative Party upper echelon showing a shocking level of tone-deafness by going on a campaign against ‘CERB fraud’ while the party helped itself to taxpayer money behind the scenes, Conservative leadership candidates are joining with the many Canadians outraged by the hypocrisy.

Erin O’Toole, Peter MacKay, Leslyn Lewis, and Derek Sloan all made it clear that they oppose the Conservative Party taking the subsidy.

Here’s what they said:

Erin O’Toole

Dr. Leslyn Lewis

“Why are churches, charities and non-profits unable to access a wage subsidy, but political parties and even NHL teams can?

I was disappointed to see our Party applying for the wage subsidy program, because I believe our standard should NOT simply be whether or not we are better than the Liberals.

It should be whether or not we are an example of fiscal conservatism to all Canadians.”

Peter MacKay

“Our Party ended direct taxpayer subsidization of political parties with the elimination of the per-vote subsidy. We also opposed Justin Trudeau’s $600 million media bailout. We cannot oppose those taxpayer subsidies and then support taxpayer subsidies of political parties.”

Derek Sloan

“Under my leadership @CPC_HQ will return the money received from this. @JustinTrudeau must instruct the @liberal_party to do the same now. Political parties shouldn’t be receiving the wage subsidy.

Please sign the @taxpayerDOTcom petition below #cdnpoli”

Clearly, in the ongoing rift between the CPC HQ and the Conservative base, the leadership hopefuls are siding with grassroots Conservatives, which is an important step towards ensuring that the voices of real Canadians are heard.

Spencer Fernando

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D Met

Many of our politicians seem to have joined the level ranks of sleezy used car salesmen…errr…salespeople….errr…sales-people-kind cutting backroom deals with one another to further THEIR agendas – especially those on the Left. Never mind the will of voting taxpayers, oh no no no, not until election time comes around again and they skulk around with with a wink and a lie. Our country continues to be in troublesome shape!