As The Threat From China Rises, Free Nations Must Engage In A Large-Scale Military Buildup

It’s not about starting a war with China, it’s about preventing one through strength.

China is now pursuing a policy of belligerence and aggression around the world. They’re moving troops into dispute regions of India.

They’re moving against Hong Kong.

They’re escalating threats against Taiwan.

They’re increasing military spending dramatically.

They’re taking over territory that belongs to countries like the Philippines and Vietnam.

They’re operating concentration camps holding over 1 million religious minorities.

They’re issuing threats against everybody.

In short, China is behaving similarly to how Germany was behaving in the 1930’s, a ruthless totalitarian regime that is constantly testing how much they can get away with.

A key reason World War Two became so vast and horrific was that the Allied nations thought they could just ‘give in a little more’ to get ‘peace.’

Of course, the more the Allies gave in, the more Germany felt emboldened to take more and more and more, thinking there would never be a limit.

With those historical examples in mind, and with China clearly pushing the limits around the world, it is now clear that the Free world must commence with a large military buildup.

Despite all the talk of the ‘rise of China,’ China’s economic growth has been slowing dramatically, even before the CCP Virus spread. Additionally, China’s slowing numbers are also certainly worse than they appeared, since nobody believes the government GDP numbers reported by the CCP.

Additionally, China faces a huge impending demographic crisis, meaning their population will get old like Japan and Europe, but without the level of GDP per capita wealth that Japan and Europe possess.

In short, this current moment – where China is relatively powerful, and the economies of many free nations are crippled – may seem like the best moment for China’s totalitarian leaders to make a desperate grab for world dominance, hence the moves against nearly every country, and against Hong Kong.

The response to this from the Free world must be firm and clear. A large military buildup, even a 50% increase to military spending by all the world’s free nations (with the exception of the United States who already spends a bunch) would greatly enhance the capability of free nations to both defend themselves, and to credibly dissuade Chinese aggression.

Note, this is not about starting a war. In fact, it’s the opposite.

The stronger the free nations are militarily, the more likely China is to realize that any war for further power is unwinnable.

This would fit a pattern seen throughout history, where free, democratic nations build up their strength and work together to contain a dangerous autocratic power.

Not only would a military buildup help deter China, it would also be great for our moribund economy. Building up our armed forces would mean creating tens of thousands of new jobs, building up our domestic manufacturing industry, enhancing our research and development, and strengthening our domestic economy and our connection with our democratic Allies.

Canadians have had enough of our country being weak and vulnerable, and want us to stand with our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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