GOVERNMENT BY DECREE: Liberals & NDP Collude To Bypass Parliament

The government will now exercise enormous authority with no oversight and no accountability.

Parliament has been suspended.

It won’t fully open up again until September.

As a result, the Liberal government will now be administering massive government intervention without oversight, allowing them basically free reign to do whatever they want.

This happened because the NDP was bought off with Trudeau’s ‘promise’ to ‘push’ the provinces on the issue of expanded paid medical leave.

The Liberals, NDP, and Greens all colluded to bypass Parliament, while the Conservatives and the Bloc voted to keep Parliament going.

Between now and September, Parliament will meet just four times, giving MPs just hours to discuss the unprecedented crisis our country faces.

The only other meetings will be the COVID-19 committee, which will be meeting four times a week.

Of course, four meetings of one committee is not what democracy is made of. It’s almost nothing in terms of oversight and accountability.

Because of this, Trudeau will continue holding a monopoly over the media, as his daily press conferences will give him control over the message while the opposition loses the ability to push back in the same way.

It seems that Canadian democracy has become a casualty of the CCP China Virus Crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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