GOVERNMENT BY DECREE: Liberals & NDP Collude To Bypass Parliament

The government will now exercise enormous authority with no oversight and no accountability.

Parliament has been suspended.

It won’t fully open up again until September.

As a result, the Liberal government will now be administering massive government intervention without oversight, allowing them basically free reign to do whatever they want.

This happened because the NDP was bought off with Trudeau’s ‘promise’ to ‘push’ the provinces on the issue of expanded paid medical leave.

The Liberals, NDP, and Greens all colluded to bypass Parliament, while the Conservatives and the Bloc voted to keep Parliament going.

Between now and September, Parliament will meet just four times, giving MPs just hours to discuss the unprecedented crisis our country faces.

The only other meetings will be the COVID-19 committee, which will be meeting four times a week.

Of course, four meetings of one committee is not what democracy is made of. It’s almost nothing in terms of oversight and accountability.

Because of this, Trudeau will continue holding a monopoly over the media, as his daily press conferences will give him control over the message while the opposition loses the ability to push back in the same way.

It seems that Canadian democracy has become a casualty of the CCP China Virus Crisis.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


With the establishment press co-opted by the Liberal government, Canada needs voices like Spencer Fernando more than ever before. If you want to support Spencer’s perspective, you can Donate through Paypal at the button below:

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Lynne Mayotte

We don’t gave a government for the people, we have jailers.


I’m kinda thinking it’s not a big deal anyhow if the libs aren’t in the house. Even when they are they don’t answer any questions asked to them. They do nothing but spin & deflect anyhow so what would change if they are there now? He (groper boy trudo) would spend anyhow just as he was doing before the so called ‘pandemic’. I do think they should be there & be questioned even though they just avoid answering, it is good entertainment to watch them spin, deflect & lie all while there are so many in the east who think… Read more »

John Vinczencz

Cowards. Uphold the oath you swore to or step down. Your lives are not worth more than the front line workers who go to work every day and most have not swarm an oath. Conservatives and bloc are apparently the only ones who have any integrity.


Honestly, I am not surprised. NDPigs and the Lieberals behaving like commies is how they view themselves: we are the peasants and they are the ruling Marxist Elites. They don’t fear us so they push us around. Now if they take all the guns away, except for criminals, then we are at their mercy. Now is the time to push back. We need to go to Ottawa and show them who is the BOSS!


Not surprised I hope, we knew this would happen before the last two elections, they have all wanted the destruction of our country, parties divided maybe, as is Canada dividing, but not working for their employers the Canadian people, just the programmed ones who still do not realize their takeover and their lies. The Block on the other hand is not for Canada either, just for Quebec and fixing everything for dividing Canada, so are missing parliament to get what else they want to take from what is left of Canada. So this shutdown of our parliament should get Wexit… Read more »


This is outrageous….TIME for good Canadians to step up and step in here since the Governor General refuses too.FAR too busy kissing up to Trudeau…I wonder when thee next round of gun bans is coming up under this dictator ?!!!!!

Douglas Robilliard

Treason Charges against the pm We the Canadian People have had enough of your BS, Lies and corruption!


Makes sense if they have the majority lets keep policy moving along. They are doing way better during this crisis then conservatives. Conservatives would only be bailing out big business and letting everyone fall through the cracks.