Amid Rising Threats, Canada Must Urge All Our Citizens To Leave China ASAP

China’s willingness to arrest random Canadians and violate their human rights means China is simply too dangerous for Canadian Citizens at this time.

With the recent BC court ruling against Meng Wanzhou, which was a testament to Canada’s independent judicial system (Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin meddling aside), it is clear that China will take more retaliatory actions as they have done in the past.

Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been languishing in a Chinese prison for over 500 days, and their situation is likely to get even worse.

And, with the Chinese Communist Party mouthpiece Global Times already issuing new threats, it is clear that China is not a safe place for Canadian Citizens.

That’s why it’s time for the Canadian government to urge all Canadian Citizens to leave China.

The Chinese Communist thuggish regime is likely already looking for new Canadians to kidnap and hold hostage.

We simply cannot continue being politically correct and hoping for the best. We must realize that China is acting like an enemy of Canada, not a friend.

As a result, there must be an incredibly strong travel advisory issued, and all Canadian Citizens should be urged to leave China ASAP.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I totally agree. All Canadian Citizens should leave China NOW! China is NOT a Safe Country for anyone, and Especially Now for Canadians. I feel so sorry for our two Michaels!


Communist China is not “acting like” an enemy, but is only making it more obvious to (at least some of) those too blind to see it for what it has always been.


If they are ?Canadians running businesses over there in China instead of in their own country, weakening Canada, using the Chinese people as forced cheap labor with out any protection, companies half owned by the CCP, just to inflate their bottom lines, then polluting the world by shipping it (partly paid by our tax dollars) across the oceans (seventeen big ships use the same amount of fuel as all the cars and trucks in the world in a day) plus leaving Canadians unemployed and paying for fake uncaring anti Canadians, and those Chinese companies pay a lot less tax in… Read more »


Totally agree! We have a huge problem since Trudeau gave China the permission to bring their army in Canada to watch their interests here. There are here now. Apparently that China owns 3/4 of our agricultural land and as you probably know a lot of other assets like retirement homes, gold mines, oil exploration rights, etc. I believe that we are in danger in Canada because of their military presence.