WATCH: Trudeau RCMP Drags Reporter Out Of Press Conference

Some China-style media management by the Trudeau PMO.

On the same day that Canada’s justice system showed independence and commitment to the rule of law by being indifferent to CCP threats and ruling on the Meng Wanzhou extradition challenge, Justin Trudeau appears to be once again emulating the Chinese dictators he loves so much.

Rebel News reporter Keean Bexte was let into a Trudeau press conference by security. And, considering a judge had ruled that The Rebel had the right to report on the news just like anyone else, it is of course the democratic right of Canadians to ask questions and report on the PM.

Yet, when PMO stooges saw Bexte at the press conference, the Trudeau RCMP dragged Bexte away, pushing some China-style ‘media management.’

This is incredibly disturbing and dangerous. The PM is using the police to block journalists he doesn’t like from reporting on what he says, which is of course totally anti-democratic and anti-Canadian.

China might approve of this kind of authoritarian behaviour, but it’s not supposed to work like this in Canada.

Once again we see that Trudeau wasn’t joking when he said he admired ‘China’s basic dictatorship.’

You can watch the video below:

“UNBELIEVABLE: PM Justin Trudeau had me literally dragged out of his press conference to avoid questions. I was officially let in by security, but when Trudeau’s henchman saw me, the PMO sicced the RCMP on me. A journalist. Democracy is dead in Canada. Vid:

Spencer Fernando

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