“WORST EVER”: Chinese Communist Party Mouthpiece Issues New Threat Against Canada, Calls Our Country “A Pathetic Clown”

China’s totalitarian regime simply doesn’t understand the ‘rule of law,’ preferring instead the ‘rule of the Communist Party.’

The Global Times, a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party, is issuing new threats against Canada.

The article quotes ‘experts’ claiming ties between the two nations will hit the “worst ever” level.

Here’s an excerpt:

“A Canadian court on Thursday defied widespread expectations and ruled to keep Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou in custody, a move Chinese experts said shows that Canada has completely surrendered its self-proclaimed judicial and diplomatic independence to US bullying and foreshadows the “worst-ever” China-Canada ties.

B.C. Supreme Court judge ruled that extradition proceedings against the Huawei executive should proceed. Judge said the offence Meng is accused of by American prosecutors would be considered a crime if it occurred in Canada, CBC News reported.

The “unjustified” ruling, which will mean the continued detention of Meng, has no real impact on Huawei, because the company will not succumb to the US because of any individual. But it will make Canada a pathetic clown and a scapegoat in the fight between China and the US, experts said.”

Of course, China either doesn’t understand, or is choosing not to understand, how the judicial process works in Canada.

In Canada, there is a separation between the executive and the judiciary. In China, no such separation exists.

The Chinese Communist Party does not believe in the rule of law, and they stifle free speech, jail and execute journalists and whistleblowers, and place the entire judicial system under the control of the CCP.

These new insults and threats from China surely portend further Chinese action against Canada, once again showing that the Chinese Communist Party is an opponent of the Canadian People, and that China cannot be trusted.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Wow! Communist China, Trudope’s favourite country! We need an Election ASAP to get this Idiot GONE! If we cannot do it through Parliament because the Stupid, Corrupt NDP, Green and Bloc always side with the Liberals, then a Revolution of Canadian citizens is Necessary. Trudope is turning this country into a Communist Country!

richard taylor

I think they were referring to Trudeau as the pathetic clown

D Met

The problem also lies with our illustrious prime minister who is enamoured with China and deeply respects their basic dictatorship. It’s probably what he models himself after.


Clarification: China wasn’t referring to Canada as a clown. We all know exactly who. Something to do with little potatoes. Many know what “family jewels” are, but little potatoes? Hahahaha .


Thank you Spencer for this accurate article. As I have been saying for many years now, we need to cut ALL ties to China. Their products are vastly inferior to western made products for one thing. As a journeyman mechanic I refuse to use Chinese made parts. Many times I have had to remove brand new Chinese parts and install other Western made parts since the NEW unused Chinese parts would NOT pass an inspection. Over the last 5 years (Since Trudeau) China has shown their utter contempt for the weakness of the Liberal government. Over 80% of Canadians are… Read more »


Many, many thumbs up.

sandra c

China’s Leader just wants his own way…period…Bashing another Country and name calling is the way of the Dictator….Trudeau also, uses the same tactics on those that oppose him. I really feel bad for the 2 Michael’s who are detained in China, due to this. Their lives must be miserable…but Trudeau nor China cares.


Poor trudeau. He must be trembling in fear now. Both him and his boss Gerald Butts, the Cape Breton hustler will have their offshore bank accounts cut off now from Xi Jinpin and his mafia goon squads. But I would still donate a body part to see exactly how much Trudeau, Butts and all of the elitists have in their offshore bank accounts.


Maybe we will get lucky and China will pull a Saudi Arabia? Removing all the Chinese communists and their communist owned businesses from our country!

Lynne Mayotte

How can this poll giving Liberals a large lead ever be recognized as honest. They must have gone to Liberal territory and asked every person they saw. That’s how they do it anyway. You can have a poll say anything you want merely by going where you get the results you desire.

Gerri Page

You should be a politician and run for politics with all your knowledge of all the corruption going on.

Dave Allsopp

Let’s not kid ourselves shall we!
Justin Trudeau has no belief in the separation of executive and judiciary either!!
The SNC-Lavalin executive interference proved that beyond a doubt!


Our COUNTRY isn’t a pathetic clown but we’re certainly lead by a party of pathetic clowns. The entire world knows the truth about the liberal corruption and incompetent leadership of Justine Trudeau.


It will never be the same.Now we can see China’s true colors,I knew that many years ago,and I did write it on the internet,but you could not convince Canadians.Now you know wolf in sheep’s clothing.The best deals with communist China is no deals,but as long you have an incompetent prime minister more Canadians will die due to import of viruses and drugs.

tanya tucker

they also dont seem to understand the foreign ownership laws in the resources sector – or dont care


I think the Chinese actually meant that trudeau is a clown. I fully support the CCP in this case!

John wong

Good article. But we have Trudeau as PM Clown. He will kneel and bow to China like a coward.