Trudeau’s Virtual Address To United Nations Marred By Technical Difficulties

The video didn’t show up.

With Justin Trudeau’s main foreign policy move – get Canada closer to China – now a total and unmitigated failure and disastrous wreck, the PM is seeking another way to get his fix of international attention.

As Trudeau continues to push for a meaningless UN security council seat, he is taking every chance he can get to speak to the UN.

The latest was a conference about financing development in the ‘Era of COVID-19 and beyond.’

It didn’t go well.

As Trudeau started speaking, the audio played but no video showed up.

Then, technicians were heard talking as the PM was talking.

[email protected] having technical trouble. @JustinTrudeau speaking but there’s no video of him. Meanwhile, you can hear voices of technicians trying to sort things out. – sigh -“

The video did end up working, with Trudeau uttering a bunch of the usual empty platitudes that no country really cares to hear.

If you’ve got nothing better to do (like watch paint dry), you can watch Trudeau’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Norbert Kausen

The only “technical difficulty” is Trudeau!

D Met

Here here. How anyone can give credence to this fool is beyond comprehension.


His Excellency?? Excellency? What the hell, does the stupid UN think the jerk is some kind of Royalty? He is the one who is primarily but indirectly responsible for thousands of deaths in Canada by refusing / failing to close our borders.

D Met

Ugh! That voice is cringeworthy

Dave Allsopp


Carol Arnold

He can just give them more of our money and they’ll totally forget another screw-up. I can’t believe that they listen to his financial advice with a straight face, he’s after all has done so much for his own country’s financial outlook.

Hollis Zapos

creme de la creme Sycophants !