Fired Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Who Choked The Life Out Of George Floyd Has Been Arrested & Charged With Murder

Chauvin knelt on the neck of George Floyd for many minutes even as Floyd repeatedly said he couldn’t breath. Chauvin’s actions ended up killing Floyd, leading to massive riots and protests in Minneapolis.

Derek Chauvin, the now-fired Minneapolis police officer who killed George Floyd by kneeling on his neck for many minutes, has been arrested.

The Hennepin County prosecutor has charged Chauvin with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter. Further charges may be forthcoming says the prosecutor.

George Floyd was already handcuffed and on the ground, yet Chauvin continued to press his knee on Floyd’s neck.

Demands for Chauvin’s arrest have been growing, with widespread condemnation of his actions spreading across the United States and the world.

As many have noted, Chauvin has had 19 complaints against him, yet was not punished or removed from the police department.

There have been massive protests that have erupted since video of Chauvin’s killing of Floyd emerged. The protests have been divided between those who are fighting for justice in Floyd’s death, and those – like Antifa – who have used the protests as a pretext to incite further violence and rob businesses, which will only hurt local working class People even more.

You can watch video of some of the protests and aftermath below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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The sad truth is the world is becoming much more violent, even the guys who used to protect us, and people are taking things into their own hands, not waiting to see if there is any law or justice or order left in our botched very poorly run legal system.

Gerri Page

Why didn’t the office standing do something and tell that cop to get off his neck? He should be charged also.


Witness caught sight of man who came with ambulance had bullet proof vest on under unusual uniform. Took no pulse, lifted lifeless body pulling arms in backward pull. Did not do routine procedures before or for lifting body into ambulance. Other “cop” in front had his hands in pocket entire time and tried to block view of “ambulence” man.