Montreal Synagogue Desecrated In Horrific Anti-Semitic Act

It is being called the “most heinous” in terms of the graffiti and desecration of the Congregation Sepharde Kol Yehudaa.

A Montreal Synagogue has been desecrated in a horrible anti-Semitic act of vandalism.

The Congregation Sepharde Kol Yahudaa was covered in grafitti with anti-Semitic slurs, while a Torah had been ripped up and shoved into a toilet.

Additionally, floors were covered in red paint, artifacts were broken, and prayer shawls were thrown into the bathroom.

B’Nai Brith is calling this “one of the worst such incidents to take place in Canada in years,” adding “This disgusting act of antisemitism comes on the eve of our holiday of Shavuot, a celebration of the Jews receiving the Torah, especially the Ten Commandments.”

While many politicians refuse to address it or confront it, the fact remains that anti-Semitism continues to be a serious threat in Canada, with Jewish Canadians facing the most discrimination of any group according to hate crime statistics.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Lynne Mayotte

It was not mentioned which group did this to the Synagogue. I can only think of one group filthy enough for such an atrocity, especially since they were not mentioned, that is the way the media does it, protect this group at all costs. Disgusting and very disturbing. I am so sorry.

Gerri Page

What is happening to Canada? The polls favour Dictator Trudeau because of the virus which any PM would do but people are stupid and complain afterwards. There will be a revolt if he gets back in and puts in new laws as in communism. So much violence against the Jewish people and synagogues. Why not after the Muslims and the mosques??


Diversity is our strength. Disgusting, RACISM promoted by the Chief Liar in Charge. The George Soro’s puppets of the world.


We know what elephant is in the room. It will never be reported by Trudeau’s propaganda news network.