WATCH: Trump Slams China In Press Conference, Will Revoke Hong Kong’s Special Trading Status, End Relationship With World Health Organization

Trump says US will end their relationship with the WHO, will sanction Chinese officials, revoke Hong Kong’s special status due to China’s breaking of the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ promise.

US President Donald Trump is slamming China in a press conference, noting how China has damaged the world by allowing the CCP Virus to spread, corrupting the World Health Organization, stealing technology, lying to the world about everything, breaking promises on Hong Kong, stealing territory, and more.

You can watch Trump’s press conference below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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richard taylor

Trump is a leader,Trudeau is an ass kisser


We should all be respecting Pres. Trumps wisdom and be praying that the USA re-elects him, without Pres. Trump’s freedom fighting we will all end up in China’s UN one world communism, like our Anti Canada government that the USA’s China loving Democrats who helped China get our puppet Anti government here in Canada. With Pres. Trump re-elected Canada may have a chance of getting a Canadian government back in place, it is our only chance to take Canada back as Erin O’Toole said, if we can find and support a real FOR Canada leader.

alan skelhorne

now thats a leader, as for the little potato, not so much


I like Trump more & more everyday! He may be a buffoon at times, but he is also a leader that doesn’t kowtow to every damn alt-left cause, unlike the dufus that is ruining Canada.