PHOTO: Elitist Liberal Ministers Refuse To Work In Parliament, But They Have Time For Kayaking

What a bunch of fools.

As we know, the Liberals and NDP voted to basically shut down Parliament over the summer, giving themselves a long summer vacation at your expense amid this health & economic crisis.

Yet, the elitist fools still seem to have time to go kayaking on your taxpayer dime:

“Social distanced kayaking! This morning, we were honoured to host Ministers @cathmckenna, @PattyHajdu, @HarjitSajjan, @MonaFortier, and David Lametti. During these crazy times, there’s nothing like a little socially distanced R&R out on the water. Thanks for everything!!”

As Rejeanne Caron said on Twitter, “If you can Kayak together surely you can work in the HOC”:

“Get back to work & do what you were elected to do! If not take a pay cut.

If you can Kayak together surely you can work in the HOC.

Such a rediculous post!”

The arrogance of these Liberal Ministers is absurd.

While Canadians are trying to stay healthy, stay safe, and deal with the economic fallout, these Liberal ministers are refusing to do their jobs, while living it up on the salary we all pay them out of our tax money.

Canadians deserve far better than having these fools in charge.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gerri Page

They are not doing their job just like Trudeau. Running our country means nothing to them other than the perks and paycheques. Why have a PM who is not doing his job although the Conservatives do. They mock and laugh at us because they have the power. Too much corruption fogging on. We need a cross Canada revolt and never a welcome mat for JT when he campaigns. I just can’t believe that a PM could destroy our wonderful respected Canada.

Moe S.

The arrogance of privilege. Librano’s have no shame when it comes to spending other people’s money.


What is the ulterior motive for shutting down the government?

Douglas Robilliard

what a bunch of useless hacks! fire them all as they do not do anything use full anyways!


I dont approve of using the word elitist to describe simple minded grifters and psychopaths , There are power in words so please do not describe them better than anyone else. This lends them some dubious authority when in fact they are useless.