By causing chaos in response to something that happened in another country, these ‘protesters’ show they were waiting for any thinly-veiled excuse.

Many have been surprised to see protests in Canada following events in the United States.

Some politicians in Canada began commenting, never missing a chance to insert themselves into something in the United States to get attention in Canadian media.

Of course, we knew Catherine McKenna would be getting in on the chance for attention:

“Right now, thousands—if not millions—are marching, fighting, and protesting for their basic human rights.

We need to acknowledge that racism and discrimination are a part of our reality here in Canada and around the world and we all need to call it out.

We have to do better.”

And now, some ‘protesters’ are causing chaos in downtown Montreal, as they clash with police, damage property, and even climb on top of a firetruck:

“Montreal protestors CLASH with POLICE. Begin CLIMBING moving FIRETRUCKS.”

Tear gas has been deployed:

The chaos continues to spread:

First, where were those positive words from Canadian politicians for protesters when it comes to those protesting in Hong Kong? Do they realize how different those protests are, considering that people in Hong Kong are fighting for rights we already have in Canada and the US, while the protests in the US have been tragically hijacked by Antifa, as now appears to be happening here as well?

Second, do the politicians here realize that they are Canadian politicians, not US politicians? Do they realize what country they are in?

Unfortunately, it seems many Canadian politicians are more interested in gaining attention and spreading division, rather than bringing Canadians together and focusing on our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter