HYPOCRITES: After Threatening To Punish Regular Law-Abiding Canadians For ‘Violating Virus Lockdowns,’ Pandering Politicians Coddle Radical Looters

The ongoing trend of authorities only enforcing the rules against law-abiding people while refusing to confront real lawbreakers is destroying what little remaining faith there may have been in the clearly corrupt system.

“Law-abiding people get punished, while law-breakers get away with it.”

That’s a feeling that more and more of us are having, and the recent response to both the CCP Virus and the law-breaking in recent protests has made that feeling even stronger.

Consider what many politicians – including top Canadian politicians – threatened when it came to CCP Virus lockdowns.

They threatened massive fines and even jail time if Canadians violated government orders to stay inside.

People were fined and punished for going on walks.

Regular, hard-working, law-abiding Canadians were preemptively treated as criminals.

Most people listened, and even at the cost of businesses being destroyed and livelihoods, crushed, people listened in order to save lives.

Meanwhile, look at how the authorities are treating the protesters who are looting, destroying property, and committing violence.

Many politicians – including Justin Trudeau, Catherine McKenna, Ahmed Hussen, and more – continue to praise the protests, while saying nothing about the division between the legitimate peaceful protests, and the hijacking of many of the protests by radical elements like Antifa.

Consider what this means:

We, the law-abiding Canadian People, got preemptively considered as criminals and threatened with fines for things as simple as keeping a business open or going outside.

At the same time, actual criminals who have hijacked legitimate protests and used that as an excuse to destroy businesses and steal, are given basically a free pass by the political elites.

We need to always remember this. We need to remember how the political elites treated us, how willing they were to use their power against law-abiding people while coddling radical looters.

Our world is being turned totally upside down.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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richard taylor

one thing is for sure,I will NEVER vote for Trudeau and his Lieberals !!

richard taylor

will be the end,who is your boss Trudeau?


Maybe the hired criminals, antifa and the brought in jihads are our new kind of communist police, since from what I have read we are paying them too.

Moe S.

Stealing a large screen T.V. in honor of the brutal killing of George Floyd is now considered justice by these virtual signaling global elite Liberal politicians. Sensible people need to stand up against this insanity.